The Flusters release new video for “When Will Then Be Now?” and we're all about it

The Flusters are a 4-piece indie band hailing from Palm Desert, California. Their debut LP “Dreamsurf” was released in early 2019 and features 14 original songs from the talented band. Dougie VanSant Jr. on vocals/guitar, Danny White on guitar/vocals, Mario Estrada on bass/vocals, and Daniel Perry on drums formed The Flusters in late 2015, and since then have performed at notable festivals, such as Coachella Arts & Music Festival and have received praise from many media outlets for their originality and authentic chemistry.  Now the quartet releases their music video for the track “When Will Then Be Now?”, featured as the last track on the album. 

The lyrics of “When Will Then Be Now?” focus on topics about perseverance and salvation, while blending a smooth combination of folk and pop-rock. The brand new music video features the band performing “When Will Then Be Now?” is the most passionate and emotional way. Throughout the beginning of the video, the camera pans to a desolate cabin, which we later see smashing into pieces as it’s dropped from the sky. In the same instance, then drop to the chorus hits with full force and will leave you with goosebumps. Without giving too much away, the video is filled with powerful metaphorical imagery in regard to the underlying theme of salvation. The meaningful performance gives the essence of a live show at every turn. A beautiful video to match a brilliant song!

Check out the band live tonight in LA!

The Flusters - Video Release Show Featuring The Flusters with Pop Cautious, Velvet Starlings & Tokyo Lucky Hole Oct 22, 2019 9:00 PM


Welcome to BuzzMusic The Flusters! We love hearing about how bands originally got started! What inspired you to first begin recording and releasing your music? How did The Flusters come together?

We formed in Late 2015 in Palm Desert, CA as Dougie VanSant Jr. & Danny White started to flesh out some of the retro poppy love songs Dougie had rattling around in his head for years prior. We solidified their "core four (Dougie VanSant Jr. - Vocals/ Guitar, Danny White - Guitar/Vocals, Mario Estrada - Bass/Vocals, and Daniel Perry - Drums) by mid-2016 (only weeks before playing Coachella 2016).

Your song “When Will Then Be Now?” is so beautiful! Tell us about the sentiments behind the lyrics. What the significance of the title with the main theme of the song?

'When Will Then Be Now' is the ending scene of a narrative that spans our entire record 'Dreamsurf'. It is about love, loss, perseverance, salvation, and yes, time travel.

The new music video had us captivated start to finish! It’s spectacular yet holds a heavier meaning behind it. What was the overall concept and vision you had for this video? We really wanted to show the vast landscape of their surrounding area so we decided to shoot the video (directed by Kevin McVey) at the Salton Sea. The house (which was actually a miniature model no bigger than 2' long) falling from the sky suggests that it came from another time, perhaps another dimension. The track (When Will Then Be Now?) shows a palpable departure from the rest of the record as we offer a whimsical, viscerally-emotional ballad "filled with haunting harmonies that blend perfectly with the slow-paced mix of Folk and Pop in the veins of late Take That, Bob Dylan and The Lumineers." - Vents Magazine. 

Do you feel that your music is an accurate depiction of who you are as a group? Do you feel ultimately connected to your listeners through your music?

We come from all corners of the country, (NJ, Mississippi, Washington, CA) so our music style within 1 record is far and wide. Our sound is rooted in what we call "Dreamsurf" vintage-sounding, surf guitar, retro-pop. However, with this track, we honor our love of Southern Rock, Folk, and Americana. We do feel a connection to our listeners, especially when they've seen us live. There is definitely a shared experience there that is felt on both sides.

It was such a pleasure to have you and we can’t wait to hear more! What are you working on going forward to the end of 2019?

The rest of 2019 will be shows shows shows! Catch us in LA, the Desert (or hopefully a town near you!) Early 2020 will bring about the second age of THE FLUSTERS as we venture into a new sound for a new decade with our get-up-and-dance, surf/new wave single, “We Were Young”.