The Frost Duo Releases Cozy Holiday Jazz Single "Play Nice"

Remember The Frost Duo? A collective of smooth jazz soundings, combined with heart-melting vocals. Now you probably remember! The group has recently come out with new music, and just in time for that warm holiday feeling! Their recently released track, "Play Nice", was evidently featured on Smooth Jazz Global as #49. What a perfect way to collectively showcase their harmonies and what they're capable of together!

"Play Nice" is extremely serene and full of passion. It has the most intricate flow to it and encapsulates a warm vocal performance for listeners. Like a smooth jazz group, we can expect that natural flowing tendency from The Frost Duo, and it's much more than we initially expected! The vocal delivery is almost hypnotic with the delicate outflow of harmony. Once we begin to come to the end of the track, we receive such a playful humming melody from The Frost Duo, which solidifies that nice, charming element that's ever so present throughout the track. The Frost Duo always has a way of making our bodies warmer, and our hearts fuller. The power of jazz! Needless to say, we're keeping up to date with The Frost Duo, and what they'll be releasing in the New Year! Listen to "Play Nice" here.


Hi there The Frost Duo! Welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on your recent release "Play Nice". How do you all feel collectively on the release of this track, and how it came to fruition?

We are really proud of this song. It’s a different feel than some of our listeners are used to, but fans really seem to be enjoying it, and new listeners are falling in love with the song which makes us so happy. Play Nice is about being backstabbed by someone you trusted and letting karma take its toll. This happens often in the music business and that’s what happened to us. We took an unpleasant experience and turned it into music. 

"Play Nice" featured warm and cozy elements, which made us feel in the holiday spirit even more than we already do! What was the general ambiance you were looking to achieve within your listeners for "Play Nice"?

Haha! We’re glad it does. Although, we’re a little surprised! Instrumentally, the sounds are meant to be cool and soothing but eerie As well. 

"Play Nice" featured #49 on Smooth Jazz Global! What an exciting accomplishment for you all! How did it feel to get the track featured on the chart?

It felt pretty good to know we received so much airplay that we debuted at number 49. We were not expecting that. We’re an unsigned Group, which can be a struggle for any artist. Knowing what program directors and listeners believed in that song is the most amazing part. Not to mention, it was pretty cool to be charting with Legendary artists such as Herb Alpert (sat at #4).

Where do you see The Frost Duo's music progressing on from here?

We strive to stay multi-genre and stress the point to listeners that we never want to settle for one style. Right now, we’re feeling jazzy. We have been hitting the studio quite a bit and we might have a smooth jazz/R&B EP in the works for late 2020, or beginning of 2021. 

Thanks to The Frost Duo for your time! Now that "Play Nice" is released and out to listeners, is there already another track in the making, or is The Frost Duo planning on taking a break for the next few months?

We put out our debut Multi-genre album out in April, and most recently “Play Nice.” We love writing and I don’t think we will ever take a break. Being we have an EP in mind, we’re going to focus on creating music for that release, but you never know when we will decide to up and release a new song! While we’re working on new music though, Instrumentalist of The Frost, Christian Gratz, put together  a solo album of his own called “1979.” It is inspired by all different sounds of the 70s. The album has a soft rock sound and some jazz instrumentals added to it as well. That will be out on January 31 and is well worth taking a listen to.

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