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The G3sha Shows an Icy Side on His Latest Single, “Cold”

Singaporean rapper, The G3sha, gets frosty with the release of his intoxicating new single, “Cold.”

As one to always share his vulnerability with the world through the well-crafted lyrics penned and the emotion exuded in his performances, this Hong Kong-based artist has been basking in his success since the release of his single, “I’m Ok.”

Now, The G3sha is back connecting with his audience on a personal level with, “Cold,” a song about that period in your life where you felt so low, unimpressed by everything, disappointed in everyone. Just hoping the world can leave you alone.

“Cold,” brings the simmer and shows why The G3sha continues to garner the attention that he does. The track begins with soft elements of melodic down-tempo instrumentation. Each sparkle and chime has you engaged in a different way as the song progresses while greeting The G3sha’s heavenly vocals. This record instantly paints an emotional picture that you can relate to first hand as we have all had times in our lives that we remember as a blur. This song goes into the depths of longing for an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and feeling cold in your own realm.

The G3sha bounces between the soft-spoken delicate deliveries of his carefully written lyrics to the emcee like aggression that has more of a targeted approach depicting the burning passion inside of him.

Either way, this song is a roller coaster of its own kind as it zones in on the true sentiments we feel as humans with a world that moves so quickly. The G3sha has a knack for bringing an emotional canvas to life and we can’t wait to hear what is next in store for this talented artist.

Listen to "Cold," here.

With a song that oozes passion like, “Cold,” could you please take us into what this song means to you?

When I wrote ‘Cold’, I was drawing on my past experiences of rejection, loneliness, and sadness. There was a transitional period for me when I first moved to HK, I didn’t have many close friends or people that I could confide in.  I experienced ‘loneliness’ in the LGBTQIA+ Community as I didn’t belong to any particular tribe or group.

Was there a specific moment that inspired the lyrics behind, “Cold?"

I went out to bars every weekend, and I went out to every gay dance party and morning party, was invited to birthday parties. etc  I was surrounded by many acquaintances and new faces, but I couldn’t click or connect with many. Alcohol & drugs only allowed a temporal escape. As humans, we long to be able to belong to a certain ‘tribe’ or ‘group’. However, some individuals (myself at that time) just feel they don’t belong.

With that being said, what would you like listeners to take away from this record?

You could be sitting in a noisy diner, everyone else is chatting happily and laughing away, but you have your headphones/earbuds plugged in and you’re drowning in the music or your own thoughts. Being a loner is fine, we don’t always have to hang out in big groups, keep your circle small. 

How important is it for you to remain vulnerable to the records that you create?

When I write songs, I always draw from experiences and memories that shape me and made me who I am. Sometimes these are sad and emotional moments, and through my performance, my listeners are able to relate & feel my passion.

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

As cliched as it sounds,  Life itself is a blessing!  If we are able to slow down and not take life and things like health/family/friends for granted. You will be inspired easily.  2020 is the year of reckoning, the pandemic has certainly helped to put things into perspective, like prioritizing health/family over materialistic wants.





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