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The Genre Bending Digger Jonez Gives Fans a Taste of His Forthcoming Album

Digger Jonez is a Canadian Rock/Rap artist who merges EDM/Hip-hop beats with guitar-driven rock. His music and high-energy shows are full of comedy, art, and inspiring music for all ages. Digger Jonez plays on the fringes of Jazz Rock (The Dave Matthews Band), EDM (Pendulum), and Hip Hop (2Pac).

A buzz is quickly brewing about his talents as everyone who hears him wants to know who Digger Jonez is. His highly anticipated forthcoming album, ‘Hydro,’ happens to be home to the hit song “Rain City Brats.” The enticing elements of this recording have you dipping into an almost ethereal environment. Heavily weighing in on resonated guitar chords, electric synths, and a clear and present vocal delivery that has you embracing the musical transition between the verses and chorus, Digger Jonez has transported you to a unique realm custom to his eclectic sounds and intense presentations.

We admire the versatility that lives within this soundscape as you’re forced to the edge of your seat with your toes on the ground to solidify the impact that weaves in and out of this composition. There’s such a flexible dimension that gets met when you turn the volume up and lose yourself in a Digger Jonez arrangement. The intricate detail placed throughout each element has the necessary complexity as your attention never strays from his allure.

Paired with a prevailing vocalization rich in an old-school Hip-hop tone, we appreciate the artistry that surfaces through every crevasse of the rhythm. If “Rain City Brats,” is a reflection of what we’ll be hearing on the ‘Hydro,’ album, we’d like to pre-order our copy now.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Digger Jonez. How did your unique fusion of sounds come to you? Have you always adopted a sound of this caliber?

My parents love rock music, folk, classic rock, so that was always an influence in all my writing, but I was listening to hip hop music, which I love the lyrics of, and I noticed there is rarely any guitars or musicianship, so I wanted to put lead guitars solo's with awesome lyrical verses. It did not stop there, however. DJ Digger Jonez noticed that dance and dubstep music had the best drops and chorus, so he added hip hop lyrics on top of dubstep drops and it took off. Now with melodic guitar, lyrics as keen as 2Pac, and big chorus drops, DJ Digger Jonez found his style.

Where did the inspiration for “Rain City Brats,” stem from? What does it say about you as an artist?

Rain City Brats is a perfect example of how rap can coexist with drum and bass. The verses are fast-paced and informative, whereas the chorus is open, jazzy, and melodic. I was inspired to write this song in 2018 when I first came to Vancouver and noticed that many people were in their own selfish, materialistic world, spoiled and ruining Vancouver, so I wanted to say something about it. "I want my city back, the mountains, the eagles, the beaches, the seagulls." I believe this shows that I am a down-to-earth artist that is socially conscious, and not just in a fake PC sort of way.

Could you please take us into the creative process that you typically endure when bringing a song to life?

I always write lyrics first. Sometimes songs come to me in a dream, or a rush, and I write them down in fifteen minutes. Other times I must strategically create songs from loads of information, ideas, and poems, writing for hours in nature or a public library. The music arrangement is usually created with a bass line or motif in mind. Adding lyrics to a verse is usually easy, having that verse connect perfectly with a Pre-Chorus or Chorus is where the hours of work, editing, modulating, and process of elimination come into hand.

What do listeners have in store when it comes to your forthcoming album ‘Hydro?'

'Hydro' is a thematic album. It deals with the idea of water and its shortage, its power, and all the whimsical magic of water. The album fringes on R&B and Hip Hop, with a wide range of instruments in B Sides, and Melodic Bangers such as 'Rain City Brats' and 'Heaven's Gate', 'Hydro' is DJ Digger Jonez' best work and best production.

What's next for you?

We @ New Legacy Entertainment really enjoyed the idea of a concept album, so we decided to go back into the studio during COVID and record an album all about Food. Singles include Frozen Food Friends & Wrap Music. Hopefully, DJ Digger Jonez can get back to touring the Feeble Hands and Hydro Albums.



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