The Good Dudes Bring The Rock Energy With New Album “Ready For It”

The Good Dudes is a high energy band with a nostalgia that reminds audiences of simpler times. Their debut album, “Ready for It,” is a prime collection of the heart and soul vibe the southern Louisiana band loves. The lyrics of Myles Migl (Frontman) bear the honesty of soul heroes like Sam Cooke and Otis Redding, and are sung to addicting melodies that encourage the listener to sing along with every line. Catchy guitar and horn riffs from Brennan Frederick (Lead Guitar) and Ryan Vicknair (Trumpet) paired with the rock-solid rhythm section of Ben Richards (Drums), Chanie Bernard (Bass), and Tyler Thibodeaux (Keys) make the perfect support for the message Migl conveys in every line. The band is known for its electric live experience featuring a string section and gospel choir, which debuted to a sold-out theater crowd at the “Ready for It” release show.

“Ready For It” as the title track and an opener lays out the vocal depth and the blues-rock rhythms in a manner that keeps your focus on the concept and the progression of the ideas. Meanwhile, this raw rock ambiance drives a certain sense of escapism in the way that a live show from a classic band might. “Give Me One Chance” follows the opener and injects way more personality into the mix. A fruitful guitar line kicks things off and a subsequently rhythmic vocal. The simplicity reigns once more and breathes a certain theme or mood into the project. A second listen lets the story-line sink in a little more poignantly.

“Suspense” adds an element of brightness in terms of the musical mood. The melody captivates as a few notes rise and fall back down to layout the personal story-line. A hint of lightness follows later and helps build an interesting structure. “Use Me” afterward leads with more entrancing riffs and quickly captures your affection for its fine balancing between the quick and the mellow. An easy favorite for the simple yet still huge hook section. The simplicity allows for creative freedoms with smooth guitar and punching vocals.

“Make Me Feel” is another highlight for the contrast between the secure rhythm of the riff and the beat with the steady pace of the vocal creates something easily memorable and quite classic feeling. Again, the lyrics seem to hit less intensely than the general vibe of the music, but with a second listen you start to form those connections! “Sweet Heat” comes into the mix with a funky, soulful guitar. As the horn and percussion sections move it, we’re graced with a bluesy, sultry vocal to take us further into this seductive track.

“Morning Light” features emotional vocals to paint a soundscape in your mind, The Good Dudes allows the listener to escape into an alternate reality and live in the music. “Crash” changes the pace of the album, with light guitar strumming and a simple melody. The vocals are perfectly suiting the sentiments and light-hearted aura of this song.

At the very end of the collection, “Play By The Rules” showcases and unpredictable and immersive, upbeat track. Structurally each section works well towards holding tight to your attention until the very finish. A great way to go out, superb guitar work yet again and an overall enjoyable, entertaining piece of music and performance.

The Good Dudes’ sound as it stands today is easy to spot. There’s plenty of individuality in the approach, and just enough familiarity to appeal to the rock outcasts who crave that original, authentic aura. “Ready For It” is a strong release start to finish. We can’t wait to hear more!

Check out “Ready For It” here and read more with The Good Dudes below!

Hi guys! Can you start by introducing yourselves to our readers? How did you come up with the band name The Good Dudes? How did your band come to fruition?

Hi, thanks for having us! Myles Migl (frontman) started The Good Dudes with Benjamin Richards (drums/vocals) in 2015, originally as a trio. Brennan Frederick (lead guitar) started off as a fan of the band and we met at a local music store where he was working. He'd ask all the time if he could jam with the trio sometime, and I always said that if there were ever another guitar player, it would be him, but I still had my mindset on the smaller band. He didn't let up and eventually, we got together, played some music, and after the first rehearsal that we brought him and Tyler Thibodeaux (keys) in, it was a done deal. For one of the first shows we played as a larger group, we added on a horn section led by Ryan "Vick" Vicknair (trumpet) and he's now a key part of the band as well. Once we had the 6-piece core group, we started polishing up the songs we had up to this point and getting them ready to take into the studio. The name was more given to the band as opposed to us coming up with it, it actually came about from this phrase that was spread amongst our friend group. When someone did them a favor they'd jokingly say "You're a good dude." Several friends just started calling the group of us "the good dudes" and it stuck.

What’s the overall theme of your album “Ready For It”?

Each of the songs is a different phase of a relationship, different situations we find ourselves in searching for love. It seemed fitting to name the album after a song that held a double meaning for us - the lyrical story being told in the song, and a more spiritual meaning for the band. A year and a half's work went into this collection of songs (and more to come), and as the excitement and anticipation built while we were crafting these songs, a common sentiment between band members was "Man, I'm ready." We're ready to share our vision and sound with the world.

What’s the meaning behind your track “Crash”? How do you want the listener to feel when they hear it?

Crash is vow of commitment; the 'ring-on-the-left-hand, signature-on-the-dotted-line' song of the album. It follows the journey of a relationship from hesitant beginnings to the powerful assurance of one's commitment beyond just the ephemeral, casual fling. Musically, we wanted the arrangement to illustrate what that journey and leap of faith sounds and feels like. It builds all the way from a simple, lone acoustic guitar to a full on orchestral climax towards the end. It's the climax of the movie, the top of the mountain, the triumph - it's an emotional peak of the album.

Where is the best setting to listen to your songs, and what do you hope people take away from them?

-Live is definitely the best way to experience the songs, we’ve always got some surprises in store at the show. Other than that, anywhere where you want to put some good vibes in the room is a great place to listen. We aim to create a setting where people can forget about the crazy and stressful things going on in their lives and focus on the most important thing we have - love. Whether it's a party, a commute to work, a more intimate evening, there's at least one song on the album that people can relate to.

What are your main aspirations as a group going forward?

Our main aspiration is always going to be living up to the mission we stated earlier, it's about other people - helping create a setting where people can let loose, have a good time, and forget about the daily stresses of life. We make music because we love sharing it with a community of people that want to share it too. The comment about our show we hear the most is, "You guys look like you're having a blast up there!" and we aim to keep it that way so that everyone who listens to the music and comes to the live shows leaves feeling electrified and happier than when they showed up. Sharing that feeling with as many people as possible is the dream.


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