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The Groove Is Alive In Neon Dreams Latest Release, “ITS ALL GOOD”

Hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, spunky recording artists and vibrant pop duo Neon Dreams reminds us that "ITS ALL GOOD" with their latest single and refreshing new music video.

Neon Dreams is vocalist Frank Kadillac and drummer Adrian Morris, two artists who create tracks around positivity, happiness, playful hedonism, friendship, and attraction. The JUNO Award-winning duo has seen vast success in Canada with various accolades and a constantly-growing fanbase that appreciates their blend of pop, rock, folk, electronic, hip-hop, and reggae.

This time around, Neons Dreams take their music video down to South Africa, where their music has taken the country by storm. In the song itself, "ITS ALL GOOD," Neons Dreams blesses us with an anthem for the carefree, free spirits and those who make the most of any situation. It's a wildly refreshing tune that's sure to get your toes tapping.

Expanding on the song's music video, the scene opens with Neon Dreams pulling into a Cape Town drive-in burger joint, which doesn't take long to turn into a playful dance break with co-workers, customers, and employees. Frank Kadillac repeats, "I don't wanna dance, but you're making me dance," emphasizing the feel-good nature of being in someone's delightful and passionate presence.

This upbeat visual later takes us through Cape Town's beautiful beaches, inside an auto shop, and back to the burger joint, all while Neon Dreams are being followed by a dance party that awakens the groove in any viewer. The duo makes it incredibly easy to lose yourself in their stimulating party vibes and understand their playful musical approach.

Experience the palpable energy and groove of Neon Dreams's lively new single and music video for "ITS ALL GOOD," available on all digital streaming platforms and YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Neon Dreams. We're ready to join the party after watching your exciting new music video for "ITS ALL GOOD." What inspired you to create such a positive and feel-good song like this?

While I was in South Africa, I discovered many beautiful things about life and overcame a lot of fears. It put me in a sunshine state of mind. I was filled with pure happiness and a new love for life. I wanted to capture how I was feeling so I could share that sunshine with the rest of the world and with anyone that needs that feeling in an audio-wave format, haha.

Why did you choose to take the music video for "ITS ALL GOOD" down to South Africa? Why do you think your music has been so popular there?

When I first went to South Africa, and I saw the scenery, all I could think was that this place is mothers nature's best work. If she had a museum, this would be the main attraction, the best painting I’ve ever seen and the hidden gems, “the Easter eggs“ the splashes of color are these beautiful old-school diners and old-school mechanic shops all tucked away in small little spots throughout each city in North America. I would have had to travel a great distance to find these things. It made the most sense to try and capture the essence of the song right in Cape Town while we were there because of its beauty matching the song. It’s so unreal to have this incredible fanbase now. Every day I try to analyze what really happened and why South Africa. I’m starting to understand that music is a reflection of us as a collective consciousness. The stories I tell represent the life I lived, and the people listening to them have a similar connection and the group of people that strongly understand my story of who I am so far because we are one and the same, live in South Africa.

What was it like shooting the upbeat music video for "ITS ALL GOOD?" Did you have any directors or choreographers on-set to help bring your vision to life?

My friend Daniel Cole and I directed this music video, and I hired choreographers Nicola and Muriel to help us execute the dancing. The sets were so fun and colorful that it felt like we were remaking old movies. This idea came to me when I was making the song. I started dancing like a child then instantly, I remembered all the dances my mom used to teach me as a kid… at the time, I remember Greece and other musicals were on TV a lot, and we would mimic their dance moves in front of a big mirror. So I had the idea to take my silly childhood dances and turn them into a musical of a music video. If I had a massive budget, I could have turned that into a movie, haha, but I’m super happy with the results.

What was your duo's favorite part about creating the music video for "ITS ALL GOOD?" What did you appreciate most about the experience?

I’m thankful for the knowledge I received while making this production. Now, I know how to work with a choreographer and a group of 30 people and how to organize a really fun video. My favorite part of the course was Adrian’s dancing. He’s just a comedian, and I think if he had his own show, it would be like Mr. bean, and I just watch it 24/7. I’m so grateful we got to make so many friends in Cape Town and throughout South Africa and the fact they would even want to help us create, help choreograph, be background extras and tell us about all the spots that no one knows about to film… it means the world to me! I’m so proud of how far we’ve come because we’re an independent band. We directed a video like this ourselves!??? I used to think that I needed a record label to handle everything that wasn’t music, but if you want it enough and have good intentions, you can take a dream and turn it into reality with your bare hands

What's next for Neon Dreams?

We are continuing to grow our knowledge of life and music, finishing up an album so we can start making another album ha ha ha, then we’re heading to New Zealand for the first time. Locking in dates for our next tour and working on our new merch line. This next leg of our journey It’s going to be one of the greatest stories we’ve ever told and something our fans will be very proud of.



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