The Hated Crew — An Exclusive Look Over the Group’s 2019 Year!

The Hated Crew has been releasing tracks that serve energy and surging confidence on a platter for listeners. The group consists of members JDOTBRWN and Sapphinora from Atlanta, Chicago’s Zig Zag, Denver’s Mr. Xile, Golden The Prophet-KGxTHC from Sin City, or LA’s own SB The QB, Tax Free, and Rocci. All group members are clearly distributed all throughout the United States, all the way to Atlanta, yet collaborate with such an easy flow! They’ve released a multitude of music throughout the span of 2019, showcasing their consistency with their ability to create both quality and quantity tracks.

2019 saw the release of their self-titled EP, which started off with the track “I’m That Chick”. You could give 5 seconds of a listen to this track and already know the vocal performance you’ll receive. It’s incredibly hyped and makes our senses activate in all different ways. The quality of the production is flawless! When it’s integrated into the vocal delivery, the product is heavy, filled with substance, and ultimately raging. Moving throughout the EP, we come upon tracks like the mastered version of “Elevated”, we see the energy intensify, and the vocal execution double in pace.

“Elevated” is a highly energy-packed track off their record. The track doesn’t slow down for anyone, and which each verse we pass, we realize how that stamina is built up, and then emulates to all listeners. “Big Dawgs” ends off the 5-track EP, and it ends it off with a soft, but memorable, bang. We personally thought that the production of this track was immaculate. It contained all of the elements to capture our attention, keep it, and then allow us to completely vibe along with. “Big Dawgs” has a more laidback atmosphere, yet without compromising any of that prominent energy presented in The Hated Crew’s tracks. We’re genuinely looking out for more releases from the group, mainly because their quality is never compromised, and so we can easily expect more hit tracks from them.

Listen to The Hated Crew here!

Hey there The Hated Crew! Thanks for coming to BuzzMusic. How does the group feel about the collective release of your self-titled EP?

A lot of my recording is done in spare time. I find it a disadvantage at times to be so far. I'm the type of artist that likes to communicate and bounce ideas off the people I work with. But I do find it at advantage though has to bring able to work with other artists from other areas helps me to be able to keep my style not individual and reach an audience I normally would not reach due to the networking. 

2019 has clearly seen the release of many tracks, along with the album! How does the group find the creating and recording process of the tracks? Is it more difficult because of the distance, or does the group use that to their advantage in a way?

I would recommend for someone listening to the for a first time to listen to Body Bag. The lyrics say it all. The delivery and lyrical precision on this track show the way we still appreciate the art and lyrics of Rap.

Each member of The Hated Crew was able to successfully highlight their strengths in the tracks released this year. Out of all tracks produced, which one would the group recommend a listener to discover first?

As a solo artist, I have performed dozens of times in several different venues as many of the rest of thc have. All with solid stage performances. I am looking forward to a time when we are able to showcase all of our talents and live performances. As I'm sure it will be something you won't want to miss.

Since we’re right in the middle of the holiday season, we find it appropriate to ask if The Hated Crew has ever given thought into curating any holidays tracks/incorporating holiday sounds into your own?

I have never thought of doing any holiday music as I feel my style of Rap would not be a good fit.