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The Hawkshaws Released Their Single Titled “About You”

Stationed in Pennsylvania, and Maryland, The Hawkshaws are an indie/alternative rock group consisting of members Bryan Loy (Lead vocalist, guitarist, key boards), Alex Lewis (Bassist), Michael Leopard (Guitarist), and Gabriel De Leon (Drummer, backing vocalist). They began in 2016, however, been playing together since 2010.

The Hawkshaws released their single titled “About You” and prepare to become hypnotized! The atmospheric melodies initiate this record before the radical electric guitar electrocutes you! The presence of the band is felt through the song, which is a refreshing feeling. The range of dynamics flowing from the instruments to the vocals gives you an everlasting experience. The energy has your pulse driven, and mood racing in a rapid direction. Who doesn’t love a record that gets you amp’d up with its delivery? It’s like you’re on a quest for what’s next while listening to “About You”. The addictive aesthetic creates a nice mental setting to place yourself in while listening to the song. The arrangement of “About You” is breathtaking, bold and beautiful. Possessing the three B’s in a hit song! Not only do you become a fan of the band, but you feel as if the song gives you a sense of belonging with the culture of the band! “About You” was a pleasant surprise, and a memorable song for sure!


Listen to"About You" here and get to know more about The Hawkshaws below!

Tell us about your record “About you”, what inspired you to write this?

The record was inspired by the idea that every first relationship is bound to be messy. When we all feel love, in our early years, we don't know how to pace ourselves or meter our feelings. We slowly learn this…in many cases after the relationship has already ended. Hindsight is 20 20

Did you face any challenges in making this record?

Yeah we had a few we focused on. The most challenging part for us when making “About You” was maintaining the tone overall. It was hard to balance not making the song sound too sad or poppy. We were essentially referencing an old relationship one of us had. So, we tried to not have the song sound too sad in that regard, keeping in mind this song has to bop.

What was the most impactful moment in “About You” for you?

The most impactful moment for us in the song is when the chorus comes in with just the words and a little guitar which is then followed up with the whole band. It echoes how vulnerable we are along with the rush of being in a relationship. In regards to the writing process of the song, the most impactful for us I would say was when we wrote the 2nd synth part in the chorus. We personally feel it ties the chorus together and really lifts the song.

How do you hope this song translate to your listeners?

We hope our listeners will be able to dance along while remembering that heartbreak is a part of life and just because a relationship ends doesn't mean it wasn't wonderful at some point.

What’s next for you?

We are currently working on our full length album so if you like this tune be on the lookout for that sometime during the summer! Other than that, we plan on getting some more shows together.

We also want to thank everyone who continues to listen to our music (If you are new welcome to the party)! We appreciate the love and hope you like what we got in the works!


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