The Hawkshaws Released Their Single Titled “About You”

Stationed in Pennsylvania, and Maryland, The Hawkshaws are an indie/alternative rock group consisting of members Bryan Loy (Lead vocalist, guitarist, key boards), Alex Lewis (Bassist), Michael Leopard (Guitarist), and Gabriel De Leon (Drummer, backing vocalist). They began in 2016, however, been playing together since 2010.

The Hawkshaws released their single titled “About You” and prepare to become hypnotized! The atmospheric melodies initiate this record before the radical electric guitar electrocutes you! The presence of the band is felt through the song, which is a refreshing feeling. The range of dynamics flowing from the instruments to the vocals gives you an everlasting experience. The energy has your pulse driven, and mood racing in a rapid direction. Who doesn’t love a record that gets you amp’d up with its delivery? It’s like you’re on a quest for what’s next while listening to “About You”. The addictive aesthetic creates a nice mental setting to place yourself in while listening to the song. The arrangement of “About You” is breathtaking, bold and beautiful. Possessing the three B’s in a hit song! Not only do you become a fan of the band, but you feel as if the song gives you a sense of belonging with the culture of the band! “About You” was a pleasant surprise, and a memorable song for sure!

Listen to"About You" here and get to know more about The Hawkshaws below!