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The Heat's Up On High Volume With New Single “Snoop”!

All the way from Prince George County Maryland is the newest rap prodigy who goes by the name Toga Doin Work inspired by a documentary his favorite player Kobe Bryant did with Spike Lee called Toga Doin Work. He released his single titled “Snoop (Turn Up The Heat)” and I can definitely say right now that I will be adding this banger to my personal rap playlists! The addicting hook is just one of the many highlighting factors of the song. With an aggressive bass and super dope trap aesthetic, his catchy hook becomes addictive due to how the beat help enhances the delivery. Toga Doin Work gets the job done with witty lyricism and attractive bars that we can find ourselves un-subconsciously repeating. Although Toga Doin Work is an artist who likes to explore different type of vibes and sounds-making it difficult to categorize him in one specific genre, he embodies the entire hip-hop culture today and knows how to cultivate the trendy sounds into his unique artistry. “Snoop” is a song I can see myself riding around listening too simply because the beat goes so hard alongside his contextual flow.

Don't miss out and add "Snoop" to your Spotify playlist now!



Connect with Toga Doin Work on his Instagram and Twitter!


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