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The High Plains Drifters Show Us A Different Side In “He Reminds Me Of You”

Manhattan-based group The High Plains Drifters are back at it again. This time, drifting into synth-infected pop rock with a dash of sexual mystique in their recent music video for "He Remind Me of You."

The High Plains Drifters have racked up millions of views, known for their clever, engaging videos and genre-bending tunes. In particular, their stunning clip for "The One That Got Away," directed by Lars Skaland, landed the group 3M views on YouTube. Now, the group continues releasing new music videos for songs on their recent EP, Songs of Love and Loss.

We've had the chance to feature the dynamic project, which includes the passionate and conceptual single "He Reminds Me of You." The High Plains Drifters invited director Lars Skaland back to create the song's new music video, a sexy and captivating visual experience with a storyline like no other.

The music video for "He Reminds Me of You" opens with vocalist Christina Benedetto, distracted by her boyfriend blowing up her phone during a college lecture. As she gazes at the professor, we can start to tell where things are headed. However, it looks like there's trouble in paradise.

In true Skaland fashion, the 180s script shows us a different side of Benedetto, who's now in full dominatrix mode with her professor. Did her professor remind her of her boyfriend or vice versa? Was it all a dream? One thing's for sure; there's some undeniable chemistry between Benedetto and prof.

For a song as thrilling as "He Remind Me of You," it's only right that The High Plains Drifters pack a heavy punch in their music video. Or should I say, crack a whip? Find the new music video for The High Plains Drifters' "He Reminds Me of You" on YouTube.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, The High Plains Drifters. We love the engaging concept within your recent music video for "He Reminds Me of You." What inspired this good-girl-turned-dominatrix theme?

Larry: The song’s theme was inspired by the fact that, despite having lived a long single life in Manhattan, I never met a gal who offered to tie me up and spank me, much less whip me or pierce me with needles and pins. So, I wrote a song about missing a hypothetical ex-GF who was into that stuff. As I was working on the lyrics, Christina Benedetto (one of HPD’s backup singers) was regaling me, on rides to and from the recording studio, with stories of her crazy dating experiences as a single girl in NYC, some of which veered onto the BDSM landscape. So, I decided to tap Chris to be the lead singer on this one. I re-wrote the lyrics to fit. I am not saying that Christina is a dominatrix, but I think most gals probably yearn to be in the driver’s seat of a relationship. At least some of the time.

Christina: We didn’t want to hide from what the song is about. It’s about a woman taking charge! Plus… you have to admit… it's sexy.

What was your group's experience working with director Lars Skaland for "He Reminds Me of You?” What made you want to collaborate with him again?

Larry: Just look at the awesome videos that Lars gave us before this one – for “Since You’ve Been Gone” and “The One That Got Away”. They are way more creative, visually stunning, and interesting than most on YouTube these days. I can’t imagine that The High Plains Drifters will work with anybody else on our videos.

Christina: He delivered such a stellar video for The One That Got Away; we had to work with him again!

Does your group usually create music videos with in-depth and conceptual themes, similar to "He Reminds Me of You?” Why is this important to you?

Larry: Not always. For instance, the official video for our Xmas 2020 single release, “Santa!

Bring My Girlfriend Back!” isn’t telling a story like Lars’ three videos do. It’s much simpler,

but still an excellent video. However, when we can get treatment for a video with a strong dramatic narrative, that’s what I prefer to greenlight. Most of my song’s lyrics seek to tell a short 3 to a 4-minute dramatic story. So, I like videos that do the same. The last thing that most music fans want to see onscreen is a bunch of guys and gals singing a song. There are exceptions – like Robert Palmer doing “Addicted To Love”. But for every great video like that one, there are probably a thousand where watching the singers is just too painful – like the Bowie/Jagger video for “Dancing In The Street”.

Christina: It’s the most dramatized music video we’ve done. But I think it’s fitting because it’s also the first song the group has done with a lead female singer. We wanted the story element to pop.

Will you continue releasing music videos from your Songs of Love and Loss EP? Is that what your group is mainly focused on at the moment?

Larry: Nope. This video for “He Reminds Me Of You” will be the last one from the EP. It’s

time for the band to move on to making new music.

Christina: We have so many things in the pipeline right now; what we’re prioritizing is up in the air.

What's next for you?

Larry: Well, we’re an NYC-based band, and winter is coming. Winter here is a great time to

spend long evenings and weekend hours in the recording studio. And that’s where we’re heading. We have half of our second full-length album in the can. We’ll probably look to knock out another 8 or 9 songs between now and sometime in the Spring and then pick what will appear on Album 2. But there’s a chance that, just so we don’t disappear from YouTube, we’ll go back to our debut album and see if Lars, before next summer, can produce a video we’ve long discussed for the song “Summer Girl”.

Christina: We’re always working on new stuff! You’ll just have to stay tuned.


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