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"The Hills" By Milrose Has Us Going All In

Based out of Atlanta, Georgia comes artist Milrose who grew up playing music and is influenced by multiple genres. Creating a blend of Hip-Hop with R&B and poppy vibes, Milrose intends to bring something new to the music scene and give fans something to vibe and connect with.

“The Hills” gives you an eerie haunting start with subtle notes from the keyboard, then gently dropping lyrics with a soft beat behind. This track has a darker style and tone to it, making it more intimate with the descriptiveness of each word. Going from one vocal tone to another, adding personality to this laid-back beat, and drawing in the listener to pay closer attention to the different layers mixed in this track. “Just know that I’m all in” is a good description of how we feel about this song because it is keeping the Hip-Hop genre fresh, and we are all in with the level of talent Milrose and Killzey are showing in this collaboration. Their vocals blend well with the mellow vibe of the song, sending the listener into a trance, and transporting them to a quiet, peaceful place where this story can hit them on a more personal note. In my opinion this track is perfect for just cruising around town with the windows down, cranked enjoying the summer sun and the cool breeze with my hunny. Another bopping beat that has me up a moving to the mixture of sounds that are so alluring.

Listen to "The Hills" here and get to know more about Milrose below!

Hey Milrose! Fabulous beats! Can you give us a background on yourself and how you found your passion for music?

My passion for music goes back to when I was a kid. My parents were always playing all kinds of music in the house. So from a young age, I was introduced to a lot of different sounds and styles. Growing up, I always had a passion for hip hop, rock, punk, and everything in between. When my mom would ask what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would tell her I wanted to be a musician. Fast forward to when I was around 11 years old, my brother got a guitar for Christmas, and I started playing around with it. It all just kind of took off from there. I got my own guitar and taught myself how to play, and I would sing as well. Once I was decent enough to play along with a drummer, I started a band when I was in 8th grade. From then on out, I was playing in different bands around Atlanta for years. Being a solo artist was something I wanted to try for a long time, but I kept putting it off until around the middle of 2018. I recorded my first couple songs with the help of some friends, then I saved up and bought some studio equipment. From then on out, I’ve been recording all of my own material. That’s basically the timeline from how it started, to now. 

What is the meaning behind “The Hills” and were there any challenges when writing it?

The Hills is about living the life you’ve always dreamed of, and having someone by your side that’s basically your ride or die, and you being the same to them. I’ve always wanted to have that one person who’s down for me, and vice versa. So that’s basically the concept. Just being successful and doing big things with that person. As far as challenges when writing it, it went pretty smooth. It was one of those songs where it was just a vibe to make. One of my good friends, KILLZEY, linked up with me on this track to feature, and he killed his part. It was a perfect collaboration, in my opinion. It was a great writing process. 

What drives you to continue to write music?

I think what drives me is just the passion that I have for music. It’s therapeutic. Music gives you an emotional outlet like nothing else can. Another thing that drives me is hoping that I can create something as an emotional outlet/escape for fans. I want to help people get through hard times with my music, or even just give them something to vibe to, just as music has done for me. 

Your sound is unforgettable, What gave you inspiration to create such a unique sound?

Thank you. I appreciate that! I feel like my sound comes from the many different musical influences that I have. I love R&B from the early 2000’s, and I think that contributed a lot to the sound of this song specifically. The soul and style behind it, mixed with unique melodies just gives me chills. It’s something I fell in love with at a really young age. 

What’s next for you in 2019?

I have a lot planned for 2019. I’m planning to drop my first EP at the beginning of Summer, alongside a couple music videos. After that, the work never stops. I’m making moves all year. 


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