The Joy Reunion Debut a New Album and Holiday Single, "Winter Wonderland"

Hello The Joy Reunion and welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell us what brought the three of you together and your passions and goals as artists? The 3 of us have been friends for a long time and throughout the years we have each dabbled in various music endeavors separately but never really experienced anything as we did once we began writing songs for "The Joy Reunion" It was like we were reunited with the "joy" of making music again. We were honestly striving in our past projects and just trying to "make it" but when the 3 of us came together and created "TJR" it was like our talents and creative juices were given a new breath after being suffocated. The goals for The Joy Reunion are simple. We want to create the most honest and authentic art while remaining true to ourselves and enjoying the moment we are in now. No more striving. What's meant to be will come to you. We are honestly just enjoying each other and the music we create and whatever happens on top of that is a bonus.  

With the holidays coming up, "Winter Wonderland" is a perfect addition to everyone's holiday playlist. What made you come out with a holiday single? We have this thing we do on our Instagram called "Get To The Chorus" We cover just the Choruses of a particular song and put our TJR flave on it. We did this last year with "Winter Wonderland" and we loved how the song sounded with us and our three-part harmony. So this year we decided in late Nov to record a single and release it for Christmas. It was a tight schedule to get it done but we made it! I think we recorded, mixed and mastered it in 4 days. It was a really fun experience!

How has your sound evolved since your original works back in 2017? I think our sound is honestly the same but as a group and vocally speaking we have gotten way tighter. Our harmonies are what separate us from other groups out there and we have really focused on getting those tight. I mean we are to the point now where we breathe a little differently and we can recognize that as a cue to sing a certain part or to lay back or to crank the energy up. it's crazy really. It's what every group or band hopes to have that kind of connection and we do. I guess it comes with the years of singing together in church but we know what each other is thinking and it only makes us tighter as a band.

What are some of your classic Holiday songs? We are so excited for the Holiday season! We would have to say anything but Paul McCartney's "Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time"...

Thanks for chatting with us at BuzzMusic. Can you tell us about the central theme and inspiration behind your newest album, "We've Come Too Far"? “We’ve Come Too Far” is a musical journey, a story, telling of love, loss, passion, heartbreak and grit, family and faith - all the things that make a life. The thing about growing older is you find you have a lot more to say from your life experiences. Isn’t that what we all love about music? That you can hear a song and feel like it was written about you or for you? That you’ve been there? Music has been such a big part of our life’s journey- as with any good story, there are the rise and the fall, the devastation and the hope in finding the strength to keep on moving forward and keeping the dream within you alive -against all odds. That moment when you say “we’ve come too far” to give up now. And something magical happens. It’s what we hope touches your heart as you hear our songs.

Listen to The Joy Reunion here.