The Keymakers Release Their Brand New EP “Spectra”

The Keymakers are a brother duo originating from Pittsburgh. From a young age, Rome and Red both set off on their own independent musical careers, it wasn’t until 2017 when the combined forces to create The Keymakers. Red fell in love with the sound of electronic music and EDM production at an early age, he used to DJ college parties and shows. Rome drifted more towards the pop/R&B side of things with a background training in instrumental jazz. The brother swiftly built a following due to their incredible musical knowledge and years of experience. With over 1 million streams on Spotify and a hefty following on social media outlets, The Keymakers are an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. 

In 2019, the brothers have released 5 singles and have more on the way. Beginning the year with “Insomniac (Mizu Remix)” in late January, The Keymakers showcased a more R&B vibe for their listeners to enjoy. In less than a month later, they released two more infectious singles titled “With You” and “Falling Down”. Juxtaposed perfectly with one another, these two releases highlighted a more vulnerable approach to songwriting as well as fine musicianship and production. 

Early in Summer 2019, The Keymakers went on to drop the first single “Lonely” from their much-anticipated EP “Spectra”, coming late November. “Lonely” was rewarded with nothing but success and completely captured listeners for the genre-bending soundscape. “Remember” is a brand new release from The Keymakers and serves as the second single from their upcoming EP. The dynamic duo is expected to drop once more single early November titled “California In The Sun”, and shortly after they’ll be dropping the entire project of “Spectra”. We’re looking forward to more and I highly recommend you give these guys a listen! Check out The Keymakers’ music here!

Welcome back to BuzzMusic The Keymakers! Congratulations on your new EP “Spectra”! How long has this project been in the works?

This project really came to life over this past summer. It’s interesting because one of the tracks on the EP was first thought up over a year and a half ago. But we sat down over the spring and decided that we wanted to put together a cohesive project, a collection of tracks that we could really tell a story with. And that’s where ‘Spectra’ was born.

We’re so happy to see five more brand new tracks included on this release, which song from your upcoming EP would you say BEST describes your musical approach?

That’s a really tough one. Our song What You Wanted is an awesome example of the direction our sound is going. The production in this track is something we’re super proud of and it was so exciting to work with another artist on the vocals. Like all the tracks on the EP, it’s a song that hits really close to home and tells a story that’s very personal to us - which is what we want to do with our tunes.

“Insomniac” is one of our absolute favorites! Despite the upbeat energy, the lyrics seem to hold a deeper meaning. Can you tell our readers about the inspiration behind this track?

Rome: The line that I kept hearing over our production as I started to write this one was “thinking bout you can’t get no sleep”, and the whole track came from there. As someone who has had trouble sleeping my whole life, I find there’s a lot of power and sometimes underappreciated value in the things that keep us up at night. So for me, it’s high praise to give someone that credit. The song just came together around that: the story behind the reasons that I can’t stop thinking about you.

“Lonely” and “Remember” really introduce your listeners to a versatile side of The Keymakers that we’ve never seen before! Do you feel like it’s important to remain versatile in your music? What can you tell us about these songs?

It’s always important to be versatile with your sound, and that’s something that is 100% built into who The Keymakers are. One thing that we make an effort to do is always stay inspired. Part of that is natural, there are things in the world that are natural inspirations - but there is also a chunk of that we have to take on ourselves. We try to expose ourselves to as many different musical inspirations as we can and through that, our sound continues to evolve.

The music video for “Lonely” is incredible! What do you hope your listeners take away from it?

Thank you so much! We had an awesome time filming it and thinking of the story behind it. One thing we really wanted to strike in the video is that feeling of isolation. The track itself is all about how sometimes it’s better to be alone and loneliness isn’t always a bad thing. We worked with a local filmographer at Prism Content House tried to capture the juxtaposition of a busy urban setting and the feeling of loneliness. Mostly, we wanted to create a vibe that matched the song’s story and would let the viewers really get into that feeling.

Thank you so much for chatting with us once again! What's next for The Keymakers? Is live performance a part of your plans?

Absolutely! We’re actually going on a tour in January and February around a bunch of the northeast. We’re excited to release this EP and share it with everyone, but we’re even more excited to get on stage and actually perform it. Our shows will be all on SongKick and we’re going to officially announce the tour dates and locations after we release the EP. We hope we’ll see you out there!