The Kumari Electrifies Your Speakers With Their New Release, Titled “Grit”

The Kumari is an energetic heavy melodic rock band from London. The trio consists of Claude Pelletier (Vocals/Guitar), Hughsie (Drums) Gage Ardagh (Bass). The Kumari have six critically acclaimed singles under their belts and have been regarded as the ones to watch within London’s fledging live music scene and by journalists.

The Kumari pulls through with another heavy smash-of-a-single, "Grit." They begin the single with a skit set on a road, and a car comes flying past; that's when the guitars start to electrify the atmosphere. The band lights up the track for a full minute and a half with their uptempo drums and melodious guitars, without a single vocal insight. Then bam! The soothing and hypnotic sounds of the vocalist and his poetic literature grab you by the neck, and you can't help but enjoy the experience.

"Lost my way that much is true, Isn’t a lot that I can do," expresses how hopeless and lost he felt at the time. Even though he tries harder every day, he can't seem to escape his town, "Rising up and coming down." He feels trapped in a vicious cycle that's putting a mental strain on him; his only option is to try and not give up.

The Kumari does a phenomenal job of delivering a melodic yet grungy record, "Grit." We are looking forward to hearing more from The Kumari shortly.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Kumari. Your new song"Grit" is brilliant. We love everything about it, from the electrifying guitars to punching drums! So what sparked the idea for the direction of it all?

Thank you. It was supposed to be an extension of our last release, ‘Hugo from East to the west,’ but it will probably be mixed in like that on our next album if we do one.

The storytelling on "Grit" is top-notch. Have you always had this poetic approach with song-writing and approaching records, or was it something that improved over time?

The idea and feeling came first with the song. In your face, apocalyptic drone.

At the moment, we are writing more film topics, soundtrack instrumental-type songs arranged in weird bits rather than the standard format and maybe don’t even need lyrics…

As a band, how do you collectively decide which records to create? Could you explain a bit about production decision-making as a band?

The songs come sporadically most of the time. It starts with an idea from myself, and it gets played to the band, and we create from there. Usually from a riff most of the time.

What would the central message be for listeners to take away from this record or the music you create overall?

We hope that the song can move people in any way they feel or take from it. It’s probably not for everyone and takes some deep listening. Turn the lights off and get lost in the drone and intense desperation.

What's next for you?

We are recording a live session of ‘Grit’ in June for Shed sessions. We will be getting together a set and getting back on stage and playing some more shows in the UK and Europe. Hopefully… it’s been a few years.