The Lungs Will Have Your Heart Racing With Latest Single "Vizitant"!

The Lungs are back at it, releasing new music! Inhabitants of Los Angeles, The Lungs have a wide range of inspiration from their day-to-day lives that they're able to use to create their undeniably authentic sound. As a predominantly Punk band within the music scene, The Lungs bring innovation and a more industrialized sounding to their musical category. BuzzMusic listeners have to gear up for this upcoming single by The Lungs, "Vizitant". "Vizitant" is a track with abundantly hard-hitting tempos and elements, so we must prepare listeners for the type of energy they're about to encounter!

What a heavy-hitting introduction to The Lungs recently released song "Vizitant"! This is the type of track that will get anyone's heart going for sure. With an even more hard-hitting vocal presence, The Lungs can create a powerful and daunting sound with "Vizitant". The transitions from a highly energetic and robust tune, to a more leveled tone is what is most intriguing, program wise. The Lungs consistently put out music that is gritty, and forcefully compelling. It's the kind of element they have to their music that makes listeners want more with the band, and what they're able to create musically. We'd have to say that the overall tone of "Vizitant" is hardcore, best and only way we can put that. It's everything you'd expect a more punk rock band to encompass within their sound. We can always count on feeling energized after listening to tracks by The Lungs, especially sow ith "Vizitant", and we urge our Punk Rock BuzzMusic listeners to check the track out!

Give a listen to hard-hitting band The Lungs "Vizitant" here!


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