The Magenta Rainbow's Charismatic and Outgoing Music Video for Single, "Gotta Best Friend"

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The Magenta Rainbow presents charismatic visuals for "Gotta Best Friend," off of their highly anticipated forthcoming EP, 'The Tale of Purple Wilson.' Using original music to tell stories in an immersive way, this retro-rock anthem is an ode to man's best friend exuding the joy that dogs bring us as pet owners and lovers. The melodies created are geared towards children or anyone who could use some larger than life escapism.

The Magenta Rainbow aims to spark the imagination and get the mind wondering and wandering in a transcendent world where colors are characters and pigs can fly, creating an outlet of entertainment for all individuals to consider life's unanswered questions. "Gotta Best Friend," music video and record starts with the upbeat plinking of bright keys on a pink piano that is soon followed by the sound of a distorted electric guitar that overpowers the ambiance and sets the tone for this eclectic track. The humorous visuals contain bright elements, and one of the band members is dressed in a dog costume while the sun peaks into the well-lit bedroom of his owner first thing in the early morning. We're fascinated by the transition of light and vibrant elements that match the visuals and songs that blend with the hard-hitting rock elements.

Bouncing back and forth between the graphics and record itself, let's take a moment to appreciate the powerhouse vocals accompanying the instrumentation as a showcase on "Gotta Best Friend." This dynamic duo hits home on their wide range of vocals, presenting fierce and fun vibes and a unique ability to make us feel their dynamic without knowing them. There is a break in the song and video where the other band member is dressed as a dog at her owner's house, and they exchange some spoken dialect that creates an entertaining dynamic in this video. The rhythmic motion in the beat represents the pop elements weaving in-between with your standardized rock components.

These optimistic vibes radiate through the audience and transform you into instant fans of The Magenta Rainbow. After the first listen, you're instantly hitting replay to see what hidden gems you missed in the music video.

Congratulations on the release of “Gotta Best Friend.” What was the ultimate vision behind the music video for your single “Gotta Best Friend?"

Kellan originally wrote "Gotta Best Friend" after Marnie asked him to write a song about her and her Great Pyrenees, Dolly Pawrton. Then Kellan found his dog, Frida Howlo, a chihuahua/terrier mix hiding behind the restaurant where he was working. From there the song took hold in our hearts and made it on the album! It wasn't till after we finished the album that we asked our real-life best friend Gille Klabin, who is a dog dad himself, to pick a song to make a video, and he chose "Gotta Best Friend". Gille is a freakin' visual genius. He recently directed his first movie, "The Wave", starring Justin Long and Donald Faison. So we trusted him wholeheartedly with the visuals, which left us free to don dog costumes and go wild! We think the end results speak for themselves because when we watch it, it gives us all the feels that hanging with our best friends does.

Were there any obstacles you encountered in creating this record? 

We recorded the album in Austin, TX. So the hardest part was flying there with our two dogs! Ha! Are we dog-obsessed? Maybe.  But after we were there, the recording process flowed so smoothly, and we put most of the blame on our genius producer, Walker Lukens, for leading the way. Walker has an amazing ear, vision...all the senses! We sing his graces!  We are a pretty out-there group, so making sure that we are making sense and our audience understands what we're going for is something we're very aware of. Typically our listeners are pretty out there too, so they get it. 

Can you tell us more about your forthcoming project “The Tale of Purple Wilson”?

Our debut concept album, "The Tale of Purple Wilson", releases November 19th! It follows an overly loving, sometimes dim, Barney meets Owen Wilson character who must confront his own ego in order to ascend to Rock Mountain and achieve his dreams of becoming a Rock God. Will Purple Wilson make it to the top of Rock Mountain or will he remain forever at Rock Bottom...with The Empty?  It's geared towards the child inside all of us and provides a colorful, whimsical escape from the mostly bleak landscape that has been 2020.  We really hope listeners are able to immerse themselves in this journey and find some moments of transcendence and light-heartedness

Have you always had the sound that you currently portray?

Kellan was writing in a bunch of different bands as well as doing improv and sketch comedy. Marnie on the other hand has been performing in musicals and acting practically her entire life. So while our previous work has been in a similar vein, this sort of new wave psychedelic musical theater is particularly unique. We have been super inspired by Harry Nillson and the B-52s, and aim for a fresh retro pop sound, keeping it kitschy but heartfelt.

What can fans anticipate to hear next from you? 

Our album releases on November 19th!! A week before Thanksgiving. Listen to it on the car ride home or in the security line at the airport, or with your nieces and nephews! It's a short 27:27, but we hope it keeps your mind wondering and wandering for years to come.