The Melody Inside Tonio Hall's "Anymore" Embodies the Essence of R&B Aesthetics with a Soulful Tact

Tonio Hall is the Michigan-bred R&B intoner who found the joy in music through the church, where he enveloped himself in the soulful incantations and angelic mantras of the gospel choirs that come attached to the experience. He played drums and learned piano, and despite the unfortunate passing of his mother, continued his path of musical expression, drawing inspiration from the tragedy and using it to grow artistically. 

In 'Anymore,' it feels like Tonio is channeling those gospel roots through an impassioned vocal performance that oozes with potent R&B soul that dissolves from every livid versification that echoes an unfulfilled confession: "I can't find this anymore, we can't fight this anymore, pointless arguments, I don't even know what's causing it." 

It's a love song, where Hall is baffled concerning the time he's invested in his troubled relationship, and amongst an encompassing R&B lounge-garnished cadence, guides listeners through a daydream-inducing atmosphere festooned with: carbonated pads and oscillating samples, a muted cross-stick, and punching kick-drum, and the lithe echoes that extend the tail ends of the top-lines melody with timeless distinction.

In the buoyant verses, and especially throughout the fleshiest portions of the jaw-dropping choruses, Tonio Hall buzzes with a complex blend of frustration and love-torn infatuation over his failed link.

Throughout this enamoring musical journey, there's a contemporary beat that wafts a sense of modern distinction over this pastiche of time-less R&B standards, electrifying the air with dripping sensationalism to drive home the aesthetics of influencers like Frank Ocean and Daniel Caesar.

"Anymore" is a song that you'd want to close your eyes while listening to so you can immerse yourself in it totally, granting the natural tide of Tonio Hall's musical touchstones permission to work in tandem with your soul to produce a musical experience like no other. 

Listen to "Anymore" here.

Hello Tonio and welcome to BuzzMusic. What were the most powerful emotions you found yourself tapping into for "Anymore?" Is that an emotion or feeling you find yourself drawn to naturally?

Toxic was the emotion that I identified the most with. Is that an emotion or feeling you find yourself drawn to naturally? Positivity and authenticity are the emotions/feelings I am drawn to. I am not a toxic person, but I have been in toxic relationships that have drained me. 

Where can you picture your audience listening to "Anymore" for the best experience? And what feelings were you trying to highlight for your listeners throughout the playback? 

Nighttime seems logical but it is meant to be listened to anywhere and anytime because it is so transparent. And what feelings were you trying to highlight for your listeners throughout the playback? I wanted to process my feelings of frustration in an unscripted/unfiltered manner so that the listener could relate to me. I wanted them to experience the raw emotions many people go through privately and let them know it's okay to feel whatever you feel and express it freely as a part of the closure process. 

What was the most significant learning experience behind the production of "Anymore?" And is that a lesson you'll be bringing with you on your next musical endeavors?

I learned how to gain new skills in vocal production and how to display my feelings on camera in order to connect with my audience. This taught me how to become more comfortable in displaying my emotions. I will be able to transfer the experience into my next projects and become more efficient as I think through the concepts and how it comes to life audibly and visually.  

If you could prefix the experience behind "Anymore," with a few words that would help drive your intended artistic vision home, what would you say?

It's okay to leave a toxic relationship that isn't healthy for you. It affects you in so many ways, and I want people to feel empowered when they make these difficult decisions. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

I am inspired by the simple things that we take for granted in daily life like waking up every day and having a  family being able to stay connected with friends. I choose to pursue joy and peace despite all the negative things going on at the present moment. I want to be great and share my creativity and transparent thoughts with the world and hopefully inspire other artists who are emerging to keep working on their craft.