The Missing Frets Recall Precious Memories In A New Single, “Went there”

South African trio and versatile rock group The Missing Frets bask in past memories with loved ones in their mellow new single, "Went there."

Rooted in rock with a hint of blues and sometimes folk, The Missing Frets strives to break the mold of traditional genre categories. Their dynamic sound paired with thought-provoking, relatable, and mystical lyrics has brought them immense success on social, radio, and publications.

The Durban-bred band recently switched up their sound from lively alternative rock to a more relaxed, folky, and country sound with their latest single, "Went there." The Missing Frets explain how the song is "about the lost contact of an old friend reflecting upon the past and the memories they shared." It's an emotional and relatable listening experience that'll make you hold your loved ones closer.

Diving into "Went there," this smooth single opens with bright acoustic guitar picking that drifts into a comforting country/folk instrumental. As the lead vocalist makes his way in, he passionately expands on hoping to cross paths with someone but knowing their time had to come at some point.

The vibrant hook offers all the sonic warmth we could ask for, embracing us like a hug from that friend we wish to reconnect with. The Missing Frets do an incredible job of making the atmosphere so well-rounded with their tight drums and dreamy guitars that keep us locked in for the ride. Overall, it's a touching piece that makes us realize the importance of our closest friends.

Allow The Missing Frets to inspire you to dial up that old pal with help from their latest single, "Went there," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Missing Frets. We admire the genuine and vulnerable concept you've delivered in your latest single, "Went there." What inspired your group to create a song about past friends and the memories you've made?

Thanks! Having lived in many places and roots in South Africa, there are often times we're spontaneously struck by waves of nostalgia through the fond memories we have shared with many special friends. Even though today the world is a small place through social media and the internet where we can easily connect, sometimes, through time and space, those connections get lost, yet the memories yearn within our hearts. We wrote this song to express this because we believe it's a relatable feeling that most of us have or will likely experience at some point.

What did your band's creative process look like when formulating the instrumentals for "Went there?" Who handled what parts of the song's creation?

Well, a bit of back and forth because our drummer Johnny lives two hours away in Pennsylvania. The song was written by me (Shaun). Bindu and I then formulated a scratch track where we decided on the song structure. She then wrote and laid down the basic bass line. The track was sent to Johnny, who laid down the drums at Cardinal recordings studio in PA. The drum tracks were sent back to me, where Bindu added the final bass line. I then added the rest of the guitar and percussion parts etc., bouncing back and forth various versions between us to listen till we reached a point of completion.

Why did you decide to shift your sound from rock into a more mellow country/folk sound for "Went there?"

Really the change in sound is what we felt the song called for in order to portray its meaning, like the slower tempo and the acoustic guitar vibe.

Were there any key messages or realizations you wanted listeners to take away from your lyrics in "Went there?"

I guess it would be, embrace your friends while you can because they will not be there forever!

What's next for you?

Two new songs are on the way soon and live shows, so stay tuned.