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The New Release from Aliff Rush, "Top House" Sits on the Top Shelf

Although only 18 months into his music career, singer, rapper, and producer Aliff Rush is already turning heads with his catchy hooks and melodic verses.

The 21-year-old St. Louis native and Bay Area transplant has always had a passion for music, with his childhood influences consisting of Nelly, Pharrell, Jill Scott, and Timbaland. As the sole writer for all of his songs, Aliff Rush has developed his message and sound at a quick pace, which draws upon new instrumentation channeling early 2000’s R&B and today’s modern wave of Hip-hop.

Taking the world by storm in his most recent hit, “Top House,” Aliff Rush drowns listeners in the intoxicating vibrations that he carefully emits into his charismatic universe. “Top House” weighs heavily in the realm of forward bass creations that melt the speakers upon impact.

There is a certain manner that Aliff Rush’s vocals glide over the instrumentation like butter on toast. He tends to the mesmerizing connections that his music fluently portrays as he conveys witty quips in the lyrical dexterity shed. Taking notes from the great emcees before him, Aliff Rush fuses his well-crafted verses with hypnotic melodies that drive the quintessence of “Top House.”

We find that the structure of this song places it in a unique category of its own. Aliff Rush begins with the hook and carries it out two times after that, emphasizes the captivating tenors of pulling the listener in. The verses that he lays down, he does so with a hunger in his tonal distinction, further luring us into his web of wordplay.

If you’re looking to get up and out of your seat, “Top House” is the song for you. Seamlessly crafted by the superlative elements of the genre of Hip-hop, we’re ready for more Aliff Rush bops to come our way.

Congratulations on the release of, “Top House.” What inspired the theme of this single?

I appreciate it, and thanks to your team for giving me a nod. My new single Top House was inspired by the mentality that I and my close friends aim to live by. That mentality is always staying on top of our game and moving differently than everyone else - ‘cause nobody does it better. It's supposed to be a fun party track so there isn’t a deeper meaning behind this song.

Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative process looked like when bringing this song to life?

After a long day of classes, I sat down in my studio at home with my boy Sean and got to writing. Since I grew up as a musician, I really try to pay attention to the melodies of songs and how they flow over an instrumental. So for most of my own songs, I normally hum and mumble different flows over a beat first to really give off the best sound and feel. Then I fit in the lyrics and messages I want people to hear after I got that structure down. The writing process for this song took a little longer, I had recorded a ton of different verses that I wasn’t too happy with and took a break from the song. I came back to it a few days later with a fresher mindset and recorded two new verses that I immediately knew were the ones.

Do you have a personal favorite lyric?

“I can’t do no regular friends” is the lyric that stands out to me and most of the people who hear it. Simply put, I can’t do anything regular - myself and the gang gotta be different from the masses.

Tackling your music career for only 18 months at this point, what has been the proudest moment of your journey thus far?

The proudest moment for me is actually hearing people play my music out in public without them knowing I’m nearby. Of course, when someone sees me out in public or driving by, they’ll throw my song on - but hearing it being played by thousands of people I don’t know and haven’t met is really dope.

How does “Top House,” hold up to previous songs released in your music catalog?

I’d say that Top House is definitely my most popular/well-received song to date. When I dropped my first song “Tripped Up”, it reached my local community pretty quickly. But Top House and the accompanying video spread like wildfire. My boy Grady came up with the idea to have houses in our college neighborhood promote the song with yard signs we created - it was a unique strategy that ended up working super well. Overall I think this song really expanded my fanbase and has them itching to hear what I got coming up next.

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