The New Single by the Lazy Guys and JO3L Is Nothing Like the Band’s Name Suggests

If you read the name Lazy Guys and expect a lagging song devoid of energy, be ready to be pleasantly surprised. This Italian trio teamed up with British singer/songwriter JO3L to produce "How To Fly". This debut song is anything but lazy. Boasting a classic and timeless style of Dance-pop, this sound is sure to make you dance, but that’s not all. The wholesome and heartfelt lyrics will pull you deep into your feelings and memories, causing each listener to relate to this music for their own reasons. I do, because it reminds me of my journey to success and the people who helped me along the way. While the song plays, I become lost in a free and lighthearted feeling. One that builds gradually with the beat and seems to fill my body with the start of the chorus.

Now, Lazy Guys’ origin story is just as exciting as their music. Two of the band’s members, Gaspare and Giovanni Migliore, were the two halves of the group known as Te Pai. After winning The Spinnin’ Records contest, the two teamed up with legendary producer, Steve Forest and began ‘Lazy Guys’. This is a dance-pop band who pride themselves on making music that’s not just for clubbers. Their live shows are filled with excitement, colorful costumes, and beautiful set design. The band has curated an image likened to the works of Salvador Dali. JO3L is no stranger to the Music Industry and records under different names and guises. He is best known for having Top Ten Chart success with the band Deepest Blue. Needless to say, these artists have showcased their talent in "How To Fly" and we can’t wait for what’s next.

Listen to "How To Fly" here.

Hello Lazy Guys, welcome to Buzz Music and thank you for being here! We love the message and execution of ‘How To Fly’. How did you know that you wanted to write about such an emotionally uplifting topic?

The track came from a personal space from all of us, we hope you can feel the energy too.

You guys have had a lot of success within the last year and grown a lot as a band. Where do you see yourselves being in the future?

I personally live to be in the studio trying new ideas. Next year will be the same as it’s my favorite place to be.

Combining your wholesome lyrics with this dance-pop beat seems to strengthen the song's emotional experience. What feelings do you try to emphasize in your music?

To be real and share the emotions we’re feeling.

Your live shows are spectacular, with the use of creative sets and costumes. What inspires the artistry behind your image?

I’ve always recorded on studios in Ladbroke Grove and Soho.  I think being around such environments gives me energy for new trends in music and style.

What can we expect to see next from Lazy Guys?

We finished our follow up late last night, so we’re all completely buzzing.