The Next phenomenon in R&B and Pop Blending, Alexya Garcia Wows on "Sick Of Love Songs"

Alexya Garcia, the Los Angeles based R&B and deep-pop blending artist, is no amateur in the experience of Chicano roots songwriting. Having been part of the Fabulous Girls in a past endeavor, she resurfaces as a solo pilot and delivers her new single "Sick Of Love Songs" on the full wings of her independent sound.

With a confident new bounce in her step, and a profoundly magnetic voice to back it, she finds a place amongst our most cherished Kali Uchis, and Jorja Smith records—reinforcing and growing our collections of influential and leading female voices.

Through the first impressions of listening to "Sick Of Love Songs," a reminiscent silkiness embodies Alexya Garcia's tone. It mirrors some of Kahli Uchis' more sensual and fluid parts of 2018's Isolation, but with a warmer disposition in how gentile and languishing the vibey expanse it produces feel. The production is innocent enough in its come up, but it holds effectiveness centered in its consistent swaying flow and groove.

The track finds its footing with a thoroughly saturated sub synth that glides along with the measure. While a clockwork of the drums stab through with a hyper-realistic realism as if we've had 3-D glasses on. Here, Alexya Garcia sings with enough sentiment that it begins to sound like Garcia is swooning over the microphone in a COLORS show session, solely because of how close and intimate it flirts with the ears. As we fade out with the final chords "Sick Of Love Songs," we can only imagine that this is probably what is rooted and lost in love feels like—even if it is about being sick of that feeling.

What are the primary and most profound emotions that take hold of you and carry you in your performance whenever you sing?

Whenever I perform, I feel the fire. For real, the most profound emotion when I exchange with an audience is pure elation. But also, you know it depends on the song... "Sick of Love Songs" makes me cry. I don't know what it is haha. My other track "Zoom" has me feeling aggressive and I start cussing mid-performance. It all just depends on the exchange with whoever is there with me, on stage and in the audience, but generally... I am plugged and locked in through the whole performance. I'm very aware of the synergy in the room. 100%. What has been a strong creative compass for you recently on your new endeavor as an independent artist?

Everything All Black Lives Matter and the Chicano Movement de the 60s and 70s.  Recently I've been learning a lot about my culture, ethnicity, and family history. I've been educating myself on the oppressed and oppressors of previous generations, including what's going on during this social climate today. And as an independent artist, especially amidst the pandemic as well, I think it's vital that you stand for something, that you feel grounded in a purpose that rings true for you because it's not easy doing music. The more you are rooted, the more you will love what you create and want to keep going.  Where do you want out of your musical career, and how do you find the fuel everyday to invest and commit to making it happen?

I want to give back to LA through my music career. That is my top priority. I've done some work with Homeboy Industries in the past and I want to keep exploring ways in which I can do that. The entertainment industry sits on top of the real gem of LA, which would be la raza. It's people. I am personally tied to East Los Angeles, but all the LA communities I'm telling you from the Valley to South LA, Highland Park... it's the real fuel of Los Angeles, and the people fuel me too. Investing and committing to my passion, allows me to invest and stay committed to the longevity of really making that happen.  There are a lot of social-justice warriors here, but politicians aren't doing their job ( they're slacking on so many issues it's ridiculous ) but also with the homelessness crisis here and it's like the wealth of California is gas pedaling its poverty. To me, these are concepts that deeply motivate me to do my best.  What can we expect from Alexya Garcia for the rest of 2020?

2020 is the year of Revelations and Empowerment, and that is what you can expect from me with my future collaborations with some dope artists. Damn, I'm so excited. Got two new songs and music videos on the way starting with my end-of-August release, "We Can Get It", which is a pop R&B "get down with me" kinda vibe because I miss cruising with my homies y homegirls around the city.