The Nobodies Bring A Soiree Of Influences To Indie Rock

Releasing their Sweet Dreams album has been a long time in the making for The Nobodies, and it shows in all the right ways. Cultivating the music influences of its band members, The Nobodies have dropped a massive indie pop-rock EP and don't hold back on the psychedelia either. No two songs are the same on this album and still, it plays out seamlessly. 

Throughout the catalog of indie-folk, rock, and pop Sweet Dreams has to offer, it's the attention to detail and personal care taken in the creation of this album that comes through the most. Leaving no stone unturned, the record runs the gambit of guitar hooks and horn sections bringing a lot of various instruments to the mix. 

Even with that, it's a very vocally forward record. A unique and almost classic rock style of vocals just oozing with passion and realism, singer Alex Waugh comes through warm and moving on literally every song. 

Check out the Sweet Dreams release below!