The Noodle Boys Bring Their All for Song ‘Departure’

If you’re looking for a band that puts their all into a performance, The Noodle Boys certainly do just that. Lead vocalist Brett Frigon is also a master of the drums, driving the songs home with gritty vocals and killer beats. These musicians are always looking for ways to bring more energy to their music, and their music videos really amplify the crazy, over the top atmosphere that the band is going for. If their live performances are even half as energetic as their music video scenes, you’re in for a treat.

Departure’ is a primarily rock and roll track, with elements of indie and soul. It features impressive guitar and lively drums. Brett Frigon catches your attention with his vocals and animated lyrics, really setting the tone for the music video. As the video begins, the band members are all on stage, for what seems to be a normal gig. But if the lyrics of the song are any clue, ‘Departure’ is anything but a standard performance. They find themselves walking into the woods for a wrestling match, and eventually to a house party, where they let loose and have fun for the night. True to the lyrics of the song, the band wakes up on the roof of the house in obvious confusion about what happened the night before. Clearly the noodle boys partied a little too hard! Their sound is perfect for an energetic and fun performance, that would most definitely not be one to miss.

Listen to 'Departure' here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, boys! Tell us a little bit about ‘Departure’, and how did the song come about?

This was the first song the band had written since Brad and Tom joined. We weren't trying to specifically write a song but Tom started playing that bassline while we were having an impromptu jam to get warmed up. We all really liked the feel of it. Brad worked out a simple guitar melody and we tried it again. This time it was like everything fell into place, Brett started playing a pulsing beat and singing “Four, four is the number” and went on riffing for a while. After about 5 minutes and nothing but smiles in the room, we had most of the song worked out. It was a pretty exciting moment being the first song we wrote all together.

Loved your music video for ‘Departure’ as well, did you have the idea envisioned during the writing process, or did it come after production of the song?

We all had so many fun and interesting ideas for our first music video, we were feeling a little overwhelmed. “Is there anything we can’t do?” I remember one of us asking. Ultimately, Cody and our Videographer Jana drove around the greater Vancouver area for a day and scouted out some spots to shoot. Next week we went to the locations with props and a very rough idea and just had fun with it. We were doing things just at the moment, have the mentality that there was no such thing as a bad idea.

How long have the four of you been together as a band?

We have been playing together as a four-piece for 3 months now. However, the band originally started 2 years ago as a 2 piece!

Did you always know you wanted to become a musician? When did you realize that music was the path for you?

We have all been drawn to music from an early age, like a lot of people. It wasn't until our adolescence that we discovered our love for playing until we realized the connections you made with others by doing it. It really is an amazing realization, finding a part of yourself that will someday define you.

What city are the noodle boys based in? Do you travel often for live shows?

We are based out of Vancouver, Canada. We have lots of tours planned this spring and summer in anticipation of the release of our new E.P. So we’ll see you soon!