The North Carolina Born and Raised Artist HYLYND Graces Our Ears With New Song “F.F.T.L.I.W.F.F”

Now residing in Dallas, HYLYND is bringing something unique to the table by mixing the R&B vibes of all stars such as Justin Timberlake, while mixing dream Pop influences. HYLYND is no stranger to performing, writing and being a musician. He has been active since the ripe age of only 2 years old! .. And has shown no signs of slowing down, only moving forward. From playing drums to performing at high energy festivals, and now crafting his unique spin on R&B with dreamy bedroom Pop.

F.F.T.L.I.W.F.F” Is a breath of fresh air to the ears and leaves listeners sonically satisfied. The song starts off with a subtle rainfall to set the mood of what feels like a love interest coming to an end. The soft vocal performance gets your ears ready for introducing more elements musically, as well as HYLYND’s incredible vocal range. “F.F.T.L.I.W.F.F” explodes in the chorus, with an amazing falsetto and dreamy synths that are supported by “trap-esq” drums that instantly hits you and hits you right. The song closes out at 3 minutes and 50 seconds, but instantly makes you craving more from HYLYND and leaves you eagerly anticipating the next song from him to start playing.

As many artists in his lane do, starting on SoundCloud was the path that HYLYND chose. However, he has since released 5 singles on all streaming platforms and is quickly building an audience in the tens of thousands, while quickly gaining traction.

Make sure to keep up to date with HYLYND and be ready for more musical goodness from this Dallas artist on the rise!

Listen to "F.F.T.L.I.W.F.F” here.