The Ordinary Things Attack With New Pop Rock Album Release 'Stories'

Female-fronted alt-rock band The Ordinary Things recently dropped their 'Stories' album and it's certainly loaded with addictive pop vocals and catchy songwriting all without losing any edge whatsoever. Songs like "Don't Drift Away" show the grungy side of the record with some clever guitar parts and terrifically performed vocals from frontwoman Jaqueline Chacon. Meanwhile, tracks like "Swim In The Stars" are far more dream rock feeling and as you float through the song you realize, it's not hard to love this band. As the record plays out you get a solid range of great rock styles but the single  "I Am The Space" feels so good it's almost like you've heard it before. The song also really shows the band's strength in writing pop songs with little streaks of darkness beneath the surface. 'Stories' is a damn solid album from start to finish and you should check out The Ordinary Things HERE