The Plague Vaccine’s New Hard Rock Band Releases Energetic Song “Upheaval”

Hard Rock band The Plague Vaccine was created within the context of the Covid-19 pandemic, during the chaos and uncertainty of the first lockdown. Based in Israel, The Plague Vaccine is looking for new and creative ways to express their sound amidst lockdown, while live shows are still unavailable. This newly formed band, founded by Hard Rock/Blues artist Moti Dror delivers their 80s inspired effects, including timeless guitar and plugins. The Plague Vaccine's most recent release is "Upheaval," introduced by an old school beat followed by heavy, striking guitar.

The center of attention in "Upheaval" is by far the electrifying guitar riffs that stand out from the beginning. Shining even more during the bridge, all listeners are compelled to stay through to the end of this song filled with boldness and energy. Passionate and hardcore vocals add the perfect amount of grit for those classic rock fans. Paired with the vocal techniques reminiscent of 80s Hard Rock bands, "Upheaval" is accompanied by a vintage looking music video that perfectly complements the atmosphere of the band. While The Plague Vaccine pours out their lyrics, listeners can appreciate the projection of personal truth.

The lyrics of "Upheaval" center around a situation where someone was taken advantage of or looked down on. Cutting out those who only stick around to take something from you leaves you feeling empowered and strong, and you can listen to this realization to the tune of this upbeat and rousing single. The Plague Vaccine spares no feelings as they speak their minds through music, and they have more release plans come early 2021.

Hello Moti and welcome to BUzzMusic. What sparked the inspiration for the creation of “Upheaval?" Do you usually get ideas for lyrics or melody first?

Usually, I get an Idea for lyrics first but in the case of this song, I had a melody in my mind which was almost similar to "Upheaval" but I had no lyrics to add.

Is “Upheaval” your first release since the creation of The Plague Vaccine? What about “Upheaval” stood out to you during the creative process?

"Upheaval" is the first official release of The Plague Vaccine. I wrote this song 5 years ago about an unpleasant incident at my workplace. I had a mean manager there who did not accept me as who I am so I resigned there and on the day after I wrote that song. In other words - The manager was strong enough to "beat" me and when I resigned - I wrote "Upheaval" to "beat" her just like in a game or candidates in elections. If I survived this incident and I wrote a song about it, that's a true upheaval, I must say. The fact that people love this song makes me feel like I actually won in some of the cases. I also can say that the song speaks for itself which is also a great thing.

How has your creative process changed since the pandemic? Has your music style changed at all in the creation of The Plague Vaccine?

I always was a hard rock/grunge/punk and heavy metal lover, and I'm still, but I love trying various genres. Last year I had a huge success with "The Treasureman's Blues" as a blues artist and I'm still proud of it. But to be honest, I always had a dream to make original 1980s-1990s hard rock/metal songs and during the pandemic, my friend sent me some old video recordings of the Headbangers Ball show that was on MTV once, and there I discovered some bands that I didn't know then like China, Roxx Gang, and TNT near bands I know like Skid Row, Vain and White Lion and those recordings actually filled me with a huge mood and inspiration to start "The Plague Vaccine" and finally to make my real musical dream to come true. I tried it once 10 years ago with my very first demo but the results were not as I expected and now I own a small recording studio in my room so the possibilities are open for everything.

What can listeners expect from your upcoming album release in comparison to “Upheaval?"

Well, the upcoming album's has the sound of the late 1980's - early 1990's original hard rock/glam metal style. Most of the album consists of original songs, but there is going to be one cover for a very special song I love. I believe it's possible in 2020 - 2021 to do such a thing, just like there are people playing an old fashion blues like in the 1920s, vocal trios like it used to be in the 1950's or 1960's psychedelic rock, then you can do 1980's style Hard Rock and Heavy Metal nowadays, there's no such thing is "Forbidden" in music, I am a proud Old-Fashioned rocker!

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

I certainly hope to form "The Plague Vaccine" as a real band as soon as the pandemic over and we'll start touring all around the world and spread the true spirit of Rock'n'Roll.

In addition to "The Plague Vaccine," I'm also working with the female Blues singer Noya Sol, and we have recently released our common album which is available everywhere and we hope to move forward with this as well.