The Poetic Hip-Hop Angel: Roni Marsalis

Roni Marsalis, remember the name as this rising diva will uncertainly be here to stay. Following her amazing song collection and leading into her EP Amnesia Roni Marsalis is accomplished and still striving for more. She’s a multi-faceted artist who is equipped with various skills and talents. Not only is she a singer/songwriter, but she’s also a creative director, model, actress, and designer. She’s well known for her raspy tone, crispy articulation, passion-filled rhymes, and effortless flow. She has opened for many artists like John Legend and appeared as a model in the MC. Lyte’s commercial for the Lyte Lipstick collection. Roni Marsalis has undeniably been making a name for herself and her hustle is what will get her every accolade she deserves. Her music has been described as poetically driven, and her style is much needed in this current market of urban music. There’s an undeniable room for her in the industry of music and we can’t help but acknowledge how she’s bringing her own flavor. She’s always keeping us on edge, anticipating what’s next from this striving artist. Roni is here to stay, her and heaven of angels (RonisAngels) that keep her motivated to create honest, emotional, and necessary art that relates to all young and old females or males.

Listen to Roni Marsalis here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Roni Marsalis! Congratulations on being recognized as our Artist Of The Day. Mind introducing yourself to our readers with a small insight into your upbringing and background?

Well, I am Roni Marsalis, I am a spoken-word artist, singer/songwriter, and designer that was born and raised in Kansas City, Mo. I was raised by my mom, a beautician, and dad, a construction worker, up until I was a toddler. They parted ways and she met her a new boyfriend and they raised me along with his children and my two younger sisters they shared together. I grew up with a pretty normal childhood, I played in the dirt, rolled in the grass, rode bikes, played with dolls, I played the Sims a lot. I attended public schooling at some really awesome schools coming up; my elementary schools were both “magnet schools” one focused on Zoology and the other African Studies & I wound up graduating from a performing arts school and there I majored in Dance, Theatre, and minored in Fashion. I like to think that my childhood and schooling is the reason I am who I am today, aside from mom enrolling me in modeling school during my 8th-grade year of middle school. Modeling school was the first time I learned about etiquette dining lol I don’t follow those dining rules by the way unless I absolutely have too. In any case, I was pretty much an outgoing individual and very adventurous growing up and somewhat hot-headed during some points in my life when I felt rebellious. The rebellious times kind of propelled me into writing and fashion, basically anything I could use to express myself artistically I used it during my rebellious era. This era birthed some pretty awesome music by the way.  

Who would you consider to be some of your main inspirations and influences and why? 

-Some of my main inspirations as of late have been Summer Walker, Tory Lanes, and Lady London but overall the artist that have inspired me from the beginning of me taking my craft to the next level, are definitely Tupac, Floetry, J Cole, Toni Braxton, Left-Eye, Beyonce, and a poet named Suli Breaks and BlackIceThePoet. These artists inspire me so much because they are all a culmination of many other well-rounded artists. They are trailblazers in their field and legends. They also inspire movement in my being, their messages are empowering and the way they communicate it is awesome to me.

Your music is completely dope and you crafted a sub-genre for hip-hop. How would you detail the themes behind some of your songs like Lavender Scent and Allegedly? 

-For Allegedly, the theme was really all about me finding myself stuck in situation-ships that both lead to heartbreak. Lavender Scent the theme is definitely purple, poetry, and passion. I wrote this song when Muhammad Ali passed away and I instantly knew ok this song is about peace, calm, relaxation, and the absence of love that will never leave you in spirit but physically.

Did you stumble upon any challenges during the creation process of these singles? If so mind explaining?

Ummm yeah other than legal challenges and lack of resources to make all of my visions come to fruition, the creative process was easy once I’m in my zone words tend to come effortlessly. Not all songs are like this but these songs were all pretty much easy to write & pursue 

What was the inspiration behind the songwriting in Nine Lives?

My journey as a fuck-up with fuck boys lmao I wanted to finally empower myself for a change & the universe helped me.

Reflecting on this year of 2019, what has been the most monumental moment of your career this year and why?

The most monumental, wow I’ve had many moments this year that I am grateful for and still celebrating, but finishing my EP AMNESIA & being nominated as your Top 10. That means a lot especially since I know how much I work towards being an artist who makes music worth listening too. I’m grateful and I know next year will be even more monumental.