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The Pretty Wild Takes A Chance On Love In “Bettin on Us”

Sisterly duo The Pretty Wild is a treat for country, alternative, and rock music fans. The singers, songwriters, and musicians recently released one of their most passionate and anthemic songs, "Bettin On Us."

The Pretty Wild, formerly Jill & Julia, signed to Records, A Division of Sony Music Ent. in the spring of 2022. Fans and music professionals have coined the band's sound Y'allternative, representing their hybrid of country, alternative, and rock music.

Having shared the stage with acts from Halsey to Josh Turner while playing at countless venues across the country, The Pretty Wild is always up to something. Their recent single, "Bettin On Us," showcases the sisterly duo's musical prowess and ability to evoke powerful emotions in the listener while serenading us with passionate lyrics that go all-in on love.

Hitting play on "Bettin On Us," we're met with a powerful and captivating country-rock instrumental breakdown leading to Jill's sweet-sounding vocals. While expressing how she isn't afraid to take a chance on this special someone, we reach the alternative-infused hook reminiscent of a modern-day Avril Lavigne.

Julia's riveting electric guitar riffs, alongside her vocal appearance in the second verse, offer this well-rounded and dynamic listening experience that's more than refreshing to the ears. The Pretty Wild have clearly mastered their fan-coined genre of Y'allternative; the song's country twangs and alt-rock hook with a dash of punk attitude are equally electrifying and captivating.

There's so much to hear in The Pretty Wild's latest hit, "Bettin On Us." Hit play and experience this bold new single for yourself, available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Pretty Wild. We love the passion and power you've brought to your latest single, "Bettin On Us." What inspired your duo to create a song about betting on love and someone special?

The idea sparked from our own experiences creating and playing music. We decided to keep the chorus lyrics more open and anthemic, so the listener can relate to their struggles, hard work, and triumphs that come with working towards a goal and a dream. Bettin On Us for us was about creating this empowering “Yes I Can!” battle cry. It’s a love letter to ourselves, in a way.

What was your duo's creative process like when crafting the 'Y'allternative' instrumentals for "Bettin On Us?" How did you lay the foundation and work your way up?

We wanted something rocked, a hype-up song for those moments in life when you need to hear that. It was important to us to have huge drums, something you can clap, stomp or chant along to. Then, the mandolin dances through most of the song to keep things moving along with the grittier guitars. When we wrote it initially, it was mostly on acoustic guitar; oddly enough, we just knew we wanted it to become louder and larger than life for the final record.

Did your duo share the songwriting process for "Bettin On Us"? What emotions or feelings did you want your lyrics to evoke in the listener?

We write mostly together like 95% of the time. This song was written by the two of us and this incredibly talented songwriter, producer, and composer Maks Gabriel. He has music on Yellowstone, True Blood, and Monarch. Such a great and talented guy! The day we wrote Bettin’ On Us, we wanted to sit down and write something fun. So much of the music rolling around at the time was sad and lonely, and we wanted the opposite. We wanted to celebrate when you work hard for something and finally see it pay off and put that powerful emotion in a song.

On a more musical note, has your sound or style changed since shifting from Jill & Julia to The Pretty Wild? How do songs like "Bettin On Us" represent where your duo is currently?

When we first started writing music, we were young! So, it has changed quite a bit over the years. We found more grit and a heavier sound as we got older. After playing live for so many years, there is not one song we write where we aren’t thinking about how it would sound live to a crowd and what we want to perform in our show sets. Our live show is what we live for; you can’t beat that in-person connection feeling of playing a song out loud to real live people.

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