The Quilts Drive Home a Crucial Narrative in, "Sweet Molasses"

Yielding from Ohio, The Quilts are an extremely powerful, melody-driven group that uniquely blends elements of alternative, blues-based rock n' roll. Comprised of Chris Scott (lead vocals), Steven Altonen (guitar), Mike Hennel (drums), and Doug Roskovics (bass), the thought-provoking four-piece band has given fans a taste of their latest single and music video for “Sweet Molasses.”

Driving forth an amplified sense of intensity, The Quilts portray an irresistibly ambiguous expression of emotion in the sonic and visual components for “Sweet Molasses.” There’s an enormous heap of warmth carried throughout the entirety of the composition as the instrumentation and vocalization cascade in a powerful essence to portray two voices; those abusing opioids and those that are affected by the abuse.

Pairing the rustic spirits of an organic arrangement thriving with the voice of reason, The Quilts have accompanied the single with a music video that drips with good intentions, and a vast message to comprehend. Representing a narrative that speaks to millions of people directly and indirectly affected by the ongoing opioid crisis, The Quilts have taken the initiative to be a heartfelt voice of cognizance for the ones distressed by the horrific effects that these drugs play into. The sparsity in the timing and spatial dimensions of “Sweet Molasses,” allows for the musicality to simmer in your mind, as you process the poignant tenors at hand.

In the cinematic approach taken, we see addiction in its worst moments and the outlook of those who love someone who is riddled with this sickness. Through each scene, we are taken into a more in-depth view of the various ways the drugs are being used as a diverse group of people are affected; sometimes not living to see another day.

Meshed with a compelling performance showcased by The Quilts, we are struck with an intense amount of emotion that effortlessly seeps from a place of reason. Utilizing their platform in a way that acts as a voice for those not being heard, The Quilts have delivered a seamless creation that has their artistry sky-rocketing.

Answers provided by: Chris Scott (Singer/Songwriter)

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Quilts. The performance that you delivered in “Sweet Molasses,” is truly outstanding. You were able to radiate your artistry as well as convey a meaningful message that is topical to today’s society. Job well done! Was it difficult to tap into this mindset as you brought the story to life?

Thank you for recognizing our message! To answer your question, it was pretty easy. The Quilts were founded on impactful and meaningful song-writing being our central focus. Steven Altonen (guitar), Doug Roskovics (bass), Mike Hennel (drums), and myself have all been affected (directly and indirectly) by the ugly Opioid Crisis that continues to plague many communities across the country. I actually started writing this story several years ago…once Steven, Doug, and Mike heard the direction it was instantly relatable and I think you can hear that shared emotion in the sound that we came up with. Steven’s guitar playing and composition instantly pieced the overall melody together.

There were many wonderful talents that contributed to the sound of "Sweet Molasses" as we know it. What was it like working with Chuck Alkazian in order to achieve the desired sound?

Chuck Alkazian is amazing! I mean he’s a “super producer” and having his co-producing and editing efforts on this song really brought the story to life (sonically).

What inspired the vision of the “Sweet Molasses,” music video? Could you please share a bit about the experience on set while bringing this video to the eyes of the public?

We were approached by the producers of the amazing film, “75”, about the concept. One of the producers and actors of the film (Myra Zimmerman Grubbs) heard the song and immediately fell in love with it. The film is also centered around Opioid Crisis in and around the Greater Cincinnati area. The idea of using clips from the film in conjunction with live performance was totally the way to go in order to bring both stories together. Our good friend and videographer (Chuck Land) directed the video and was able to secure a “hometown” feel by shooting the performance scenes (literally) in a Kentucky holler.

How important is it for you to speak from a place of vulnerability in the music you create? Very important! Musicians need to be vulnerable in my opinion in order to capture the “raw” stories they are trying to tell. It’s what makes the listeners connect emotionally and also provides for more real and dynamic performance. What's next for you? Hopefully getting back on the road! I can speak for the rest of the guys when I say it’s been too long. The Covid Pandemic has left so many artists with a sense of uncertainty, but for us, it allowed The Quilts to be born. It’s made us stronger in a weird way. Lots of writing and reflection. Up until March of 2020, Mike, Steven, and myself had spent the last 3 years touring in another project exclusively supporting bands such as ZZ Top, REO Speedwagon, and Collective Soul (to name a few). Besides releasing three more singles over the next few months and getting back into the war room and tracking with Chuck Alkazian, we also look forward to (safely) getting back out on the road with our friends!