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The Quilts Remind Us of Our Limited "Time"

The Ohio-based foursome and rock band The Quilts remind us to seize each moment with their latest powerful and emotion-evoking single, "Time."

Comprised of Chris Scott, Steven Altonen, Mike Hennel, and Doug Roskovics, The Quilts are always one to drench our speakers in heavily emotional, meaningful, and powerful instrumentation. Through their blend of alt-rock and blues-based rock, The Quilts are wrangling a hefty fanbase while marking their territory as a force to be reckoned with.

Recently releasing their poignant and piercing single, "Time," the single truly stands out as an anthem of existence. When asked about the single, guitarist Altonen mentioned, "My father informed me that he was diagnosed with a terminal disease and did not have long to live. Miraculously, my father is still alive." After stumbling across the song in a catalog of unreleased material, The Quilts decided to transform it from a song of grief into an increased awareness of our limited time on earth.

Co-produced by Chuck Alkazian, "Time" opens with Chris Scott's powerful vocal portrayal alongside Steven Altonen's blistering guitar riffs, Mike Hennel's crashing drum breaks, and Doug Roskovics' haunting bassline. Diving deeper into the track, Chris Scott later expands on lyrics of seeking freedom during his limited time on this plane.

We can't get enough of the nostalgic rock n' roll feel of this single, as it takes us back to the 80s with its soaring and sweltering emotion. We should also mention the subtle bluesy undertones that The Quilts infused into this song, as they swing into each transition with incredible rhythm, soul, and passion.

Allow The Quilts to remind you to seize each moment with their emotional single, "Time," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Quilts. We're truly impressed with the emotion and power you've delivered within your recent single, "Time." What inspired your band to rework this single from a song of grief into an anthem to seize each moment?

Steven: Chris was the catalyst for the redirection on this tune. It was simply two friends sharing an evening listening to unreleased music in the studio and discussing the heart of the song. He was attracted to this and convinced me that we should rework this. He breathed new life into a song with dust and cobwebs on it. I’ll let him take it from here.

Does guitarist Steven Altonen usually write your band's lyricism? After rediscovering the single in an old catalog, did you have to rework the lyricism for "Time?"

Steven: Chris is 100% the lyric and melody writer. I could never do what he does in a million years. I just deleted all the original half-assed vocals I recorded and he wrote the narrative and melody. It was him that took it to where it needed to go.

Could you break down your band's creative process for "Time"? How did you create such an emotion-evoking instrumental arrangement?

Steven: From my perspective, I just wanted to tell my father how much I love him via song. I can’t write in words or necessarily even speak it, however, I only know how to put it in melody.

Would you say that "Time" is a solid example of the music your band typically creates? Do you usually infuse your music with heightened emotion and a prominent concept?

Chris: I think Time is definitely one example of the passion and real-life storytelling we put into our music. It’s hard writing a story without an emotional response (either positive or negative). Our music is as genuine as it gets and we want our audience to feel our pain, pleasure, sorrow, happiness, freedom, etc.

Steven: Emotion and passion must be true and honest in everything that we write. If we are not honest in our art, the listener can feel that. So if we don’t come from a place of vulnerability and truth, we wouldn’t expect the listener to be moved. Stylistically wise, we’re writing from every angle possible and any style that moves us, as long as it is truthful and coming from the heart. It’s the only way we know how to write, and how to live for that matter.


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