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The Radio Broadcast Releases Their New Hit Single “Broken Dreams”

From a chance run in at a local tattoo shop in Ohio, the duo that is The Radio Broadcast instantly connected over their passion for the alternative lifestyle, which translates into their music. The pair, Michael and Kristin intended to start a punk band but were unable to fill the void of finding a guitar player. Michael and Kristin reexamined their musical roots and through some trials and tribulations formed the sound that is what you hear from The Radio Broadcast today.

The Radio Broadcast has released their new single “Broken Dreams”. "Broken Dreams" is an electro-pop tune filled with synthetic rhythmic beats that will give the listeners ears a cardio work out with its fresh energetic vibes! The Radio Broadcast has created their own lane with their music but channels influences from favorites like Crystal Castles and INNERPARTYSYSTEM. "Broken Dreams" has a dramatic opening that gains the listeners traction directly when they hit play. With their cutting edge alt-vibes, fused with their unique electronic instrumentals that will make them notable and recognizable, the minute you turn on one of their songs. The song unleashes a throbbing synthesized beat, paired with catchy lyrics sung through VocalSynth, this is an electric circus of sounds. We can't wait to hear what The Radio Broadcast releases next!

Stream “Broken Dreams” here and explore this boundary pushing group today! Check out the new exclusive interview with The Radio Broadcast below!

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to talk to us! What are you hoping your music gets across to listeners?

Hello! Thank you for inviting us! Whether you Love it or Hate it remember the time and dedication that was put into this music that you are now listening to. We are all on our own path and what may be fuel for one may not be fuel for the next. Take a step back from your life and try to view the world from a different perspective. We do our best to produce quality material but in the end quality is defined by you. Your thoughts and feelings towards our music is on you but please remember what we have created was from the love of our souls with positive intent to help connect like minded individuals.

What is the creative process like for you both? Does the instrumentals come first or the lyrics?

It all just kind happens when inspiration hits. We dont have any set musical schedule when it comes to the creative process and we don't have any certain set guidelines or formula that works. When the time is right the lyrics flow and the music grows. Kristin writes the lyrics and some times she has several things already written and they just happen to work with a track that we are currently working on or something that has been sitting. Other times she listens to the music we are currently working on or working with and words just start to flow. As far as instrumentals or the actual bulk or meat of the track they are always written independently from the lyrics. We haven't ever written a piece based on lyrics. Michael writes a vast majority of the music or instrumentals and there isn't any certain set of guidelines here to follow either. We both write what we feel when the time is right.

Just curious, what were the tattoos you both were getting when you first met?

Actually Michael was a tattoo artist and the time and Kristin just so happened to be his client. Kristin ended up getting a kanji or Chinese symbol for the word graceful.

Where do you musical influences come from?

There is a lot of inspiration and musical influence to be found in the world and for us as far a music goes there are two major electronic groups that have stuck out the most and helped shape our minds to develop the sounds of The Radio Broadcast and that would be Crystal Castles and INNERPARTYSYSTEM. We love the DIY approach IPS takes when it comes to stage lighting and we love their heavy and raw electronic feel. With CC they come across sort of mysterious. We love their punk attitude in the electronic scene. We really like their lofi gritty electronic sounds. We study these bands and many others to try and better ourselves as a band. We try to align our selves with similar sounding artists but we do our best to remind our selves that other bands and musicians are just like you and I and to tune into them as a reference or inspiration and not as a guide. But as crazy as life can get it is always a good idea to take a step back and take a little time out and emerce yourself in nature and tune in to the frequencies of the planet, clear your mind, and realign yourself. Once your mind is clear and your body is well tuned it will be a lot easier for your creative ideas to flow into more comprehensive complete ideas.

What are you hoping to see happen for your musical career this year?

We started out the year building and pushing our online presence and we are continuing the effort to grow our online fan base daily. There is still a lot more work to do but we are hoping to build a larger online audience. We have already started to see results so thats a plus. We realise how big of an online market there is for musicians and it is almost as big if not bigger than the "real life" presence of the artist. With the way life is today for an artist to not make use of the online market is foolish. Its another work load thats for sure but if you can build your online presence you will definitely feel rewarded. So we are hoping to grow our online fan base and connect and meat with like minded individuals.


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