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The Rebirth Of R.Y.M Is Here: "Al Qiyama"

Born in Byblos-Lebanon, in 1996, two brothers saw the light prematurely. Through post-war obstacles and an increasingly complex environment surrounding their upbringing, themes of injustice, anger, stress, sadness, and fear radiating locally and internationally were brought up to understand.

By achieving this deeper sense through their evolution, poetry and rhymes grew deeper with time and experience. What started with imaginary breakups and rudimentary protestations developed into more structured and formalized messages on war, poverty, injustice, abuse, emotional well-being, and hope. This is where R.Y.M was formed.

Embracing the classic roots of hip-hop, R.Y.M comes forth with their latest single, "Al Qiyama." A hard-hitting truth bomb that explodes with realism. Expressing themselves in a way that's so profoundly forthright, this breath of fresh air comes with a side of oomph and R.Y.M showing no signs of biting their tongues as they delve into a collective of experiences gathered from life.

From the swift flows to lyrical dexterity that's reached, this mountain climb of a sequence sheds pure perseverance and inimitable drive as each performed bar has an underlying emotion to bask in. If you ask us, that's what we're missing from music these days, and R.Y.M blatantly conveys their most authentic selves to give their audience a slice of what they're lacking daily.

If the slick rhyme schemes weren't enough, you hear their honesty in the way they tonally approach the beat. The instrumentation is simplistic yet precisely necessary to keep R.Y.M as the focus. Through cultured horns and explosive percussion, there's a seemingly intriguing factor that pulls us deeper into "Al Qiyama" as a whole.

R.Y.M aspires to be the youth's voice and showcase a new model of thinking and behaving that would avoid unnecessary violence and bigotry and leave space for discussion and peace-building. With R.Y.M in charge of emanating a message needing to be heard, we can tell you there's no stopping the up-and-coming rap duo.


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