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The Relentless Julia Paymer Graces Us With Her New Single “No Right”

Let us introduce you to Julia Paymer, an indie pop/songwriter from Los Angeles who currently lives in Tennessee! With a strong hip-hop and folk influence, Paymer’s sound is like a mix of Ed Sheeran and Lennon Stella’s! Her debut EP was released this past summer and her new single “No Right” premiered just last month!

We listened to the groundbreaking and incredibly relentless single “No Right” and we were focused on the hypnotizing vocals and nomadically emotional lyrics. Julia’s voice begins with a croon approach before her full texturized and solid vocal tone builds the atmosphere around the song. The beat played out just fine with moments of soft melodic keys to ensure the romantically melancholic vibe of “No Right” is crafted. Fusing together soaring harmonies and orchestrated dynamics, Julia Paymer takes a stab at the world with a fully articulated passion as an artist and developed authenticity as a human. This highly talented pop diva will be making big moves in the industry and we’re excited to see what’s yet to come.

Listen to "No Right" here and catch up with Julia in our interview below!

Hey Julia! Tell us a little bit about your debut EP and what we can expect from it?

My debut EP entitled "Julia Paymer" is full of upbeat pop solo songs, as well as duets featuring Taylor Carroll and Lauren Tannenbaum, two amazing performers and songwriters that I've been lucky enough to meet along the way. This album, quite honestly, is a rollercoaster of emotions for one person in particular. It's the infatuation, the frustration, the adoration and also the shows the process of letting them go. My favorite part about it is it does it all in an fun, upbeat way, even though most of the song's subjects' are heartbreak.

“No Right” is a beautiful song. What is it about in your own artist interpretation?

Thank you! This song came about when an ex-boyfriend who I had loved for so long came back after years of not speaking to me. For so long I wanted him back and swore I would leap into his arms if he ever wanted me again. When he did, I was with a new guy, who I loved very much. It was much too late, and "No Right" is me telling him that he doesn't have the right to come back whenever he pleases and expect me to run right back into his arms.

What inspired you to write “No Right” ?

The feeling that inspired "No Right" was liberation. I felt, for the first time, that I had control over the guy that had control over me for so long. I felt amazing. 

Were there any challenges you’ve faced in channeling the emotion in “No Right” or were you able to naturally connect with the song?

Surprisingly, I was able to connect with those strong feelings very quickly and very naturally. The song poured out of me in about 20 minutes. It's one of the easiest and most important songs I've ever written.

What’s next for you through 2019 Julia?

I'm working on writing tons of new music and it's all very different than my debut EP. It's more like "No Right;" more lo-fi, more hip-hop and more acoustic. I'm co-writing a ton, so be expecting more collaboration and duets (my favorite thing to do,) a lot of writing to beats with new producers, and just all together a more confident and experienced Julia. I'm looking to be cross-genre and conforming to one genre as I have been before. After moving to Nashville, I'm only more excited, more passionate and even more ready to put more music out into the world!


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