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“The Revolution” Is Vocalized By DOVE-i-

DOVE-i- is a musical collective that desires to collaborate with as many artists as possible. Aiming to expand their sonic landscape as far as it can go - masterminds Thomas Verovski and Bastide Donny bring their signature and unique ideas to the table with DOVE-i-.

Blending contemporary genres with cinematic elements, these inimitable sounds can be found in their latest "The Revolution." This bold and hard-hitting record comes when the world needs to hear its message.

Serving up a triumphant roar by recruiting the talents of artist Rioux V, the present dynamism addresses the events of the global BLM movement, all while structured upon this victorious musical foundation.

Capturing glimmers of classical music and blending it with an urban sound, the essence of rebirth and empowering life stems from the energy DOVE-i- and Rioux V seamlessly profess.

As we're fixated on every word powerfully released, we notice how robust and defined this soundscape is as a composition. The warmth of strings and the airy and eclectic nature of the synths reinforces the punchy cadences. Crafted in France during the first lockdown, a resonant depth unfolds through each second of this song.

Capturing the united front by those looking to change this world, "The Revolution" is part of a bigger, more inspiring picture. DOVE-i- is actively contributing to a shift that the world needs to cement. Using their signature sound to ignite a revolution, we're fully on board with their message.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, DOVE-i-! We're thrilled to have you here chatting about "The Revolution." We love how such bold and exclusive energy is present in this song. It's a collaboration that makes sense. So what has the experience of working with Rioux V been like?

We started by composing and producing the instrumental of the song. The epic side of the band and the energy that came out of it immediately directed us towards a hip-hop color, a bit vintage. We wanted to work with an American rapper. After listening to several demos, our choice fell on Rioux-V, who immediately loved the project and its cinematic side. We were in the middle of the George Floyd affair, which shocked opinion well beyond American borders, and it seemed essential to us to talk about this subject.

Now, listeners will be pleased to know that there's also an eye-opening music video for "The Revolution." What can you tell us about the filming process and approach implemented with the visuals?

We wanted a very cinematographic video that would tell a story without having either the singer or us on screen. We also wanted to integrate dance that was more contemporary than purely hip-hop inspired. We had spotted a young contemporary dance troupe on the French television show France's Got Talent, which fascinated us right away, and they jumped into the adventure with us.

With the director Jon Verleysen, we wanted to give a more universal dimension to the song by going beyond the initial Black Lives Matter message. Jon imagined the video "The Revolution" as a resurrection. The video takes place in a post-apocalyptic atmosphere, a land of concrete, deserted and without color. The few survivors wander around in rags, dying out one after the other. From the ashes of this civilization, hope is reborn in the form of a woman. Through a series of choreographed scenes, hope spreads among the survivors. It is a unifying wind, a breath of revolt, harmony, and unity.

Since this song was created when our access to resources was fairly limited, what difficulties arose when approaching this project?

A good part of the orchestra sessions (20 strings + 3 horns) was recorded just before the first lockdown. This gave us time to edit and produce the instrumental versions. Then we used the website Sound better to get in touch with different performers.

How would you like to see your audience get more involved in their communities and actively work towards a better world?

We think it is important to find mutual listening and to put human priorities at the heart of our steps. Music is a wonderful vector of emotions that can make us think and allow us to find a certain harmony with ourselves and with others.

What's your mission statement as DOVE-i-?

As composers of film music (our main profession), we have always been fascinated by the emotion that comes from the combination of image and music. For us, music should never be a simple dressing. It is a key to reading, an underlying dialogue through a melody, the musical costume of a character, or the testimony of a commitment. As an artist, our role is to tell stories, to bear witness, and to transmit an emotion, but above all, without trying to be moralizing. And if this story resonates with someone by bringing pleasure, emotion, and why not reflection, then we have succeeded.

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