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The Ricca Project Laments That Life Is “Nothin’ But A Hustle”

The Ricca Project uses the rhythms of blues and funk to ask for light in a world full of appearances and selfish wolves in which life is “Nothin’ But A Hustle.”

From the heart of south Florida, The Ricca Project trio has created a world of blues, funk, and jam where you can say anything through music. Not only are they three high-level instrumentalists, but each of them has a powerful voice that they combine to make music that will catch your ears in a way that few artists do.

“Nothin’ But A Hustle” is a lament for a world where greed and mistrust are lurking at every corner, and everything is in favor of rich men. But, there is power in the voice of Jesse Ricca, the keys of Jim Wuest, and the drums of Jaime Newitt that gives you the strength to hear it and fight back the pessimism, believing that there is still light, and you have it.

Only through the swinging chords of the guitar and keys and the moving drums of The Ricca Project is it possible to listen to the harsh lyrics of “Nothin’ But A Hustle” without glooming. The instrumental work is amazing here. Plus, the potent vocals and the funky style of singing make you want to sing out loud and feel every word and beat with your heart.

Listening to “Nothin’ But A Hustle” and singing alone is cathartic. You should try it while driving and feel the freedom in the wind, like trying to escape from the fake news and fake relationships that seem to keep us trapped.

Prepare your throat and your air guitar, and play “Nothin’ But A Hustle” out loud.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Ricca Project, and congratulations on your latest release, "Nothin' But A Hustle." What is that light that you seek in “Nothin’ but a Hustle?”

The light I'm referring to is the one given to you by a stranger when needing to light a cigarette. It's asking for a little help and getting it from someone you don't know and doesn't owe you anything. Over the pandemic, I felt those little acts of kindness were forgotten. We were so scared of COVID that we lost our empathy and some of our humanity.

What would a world with less darkness look like to you?

This answer would need multiple books to scratch the surface. We could start by being more honest with each other and willing to listen to one another, really listen. New stations divide us because it is easier to control us that way. They use fear and the extreme sides of our political parties to make sure we see each other as enemies and not as neighbors, friends, and family dealing with a complex world. Compromise and open conversations that are not controlled or manipulated by corporations and religious institutions would be a great starting point.

Who are the wolves in “Nothin' But A Hustle?"

There are too many to name, but in the video, I take a shot at big pharma giving kickbacks to doctors to prescribe their medicines. I grew up and still live in South Florida, and our state is notorious for pill mills and being the main vein for the prescription opioid crisis. It's all over the news now; they knew how addictive Percocet was. They bribed members of the FDA to get it approved and even got their people appointed to the board when the bribes weren't working. I also took a shot at the mega-churches that take in; I'm not sure exactly how much because they don't pay taxes but let's say billions of millions of dollars between all of them. Joel Osteen wouldn't let people who lost everything in the flood into his church in a time of crisis. It exposed who really runs those churches. They also found hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash hidden in his walls. He used people's faith in God to make himself rich, and his lack of empathy for the people in his community was just disgusting.

How did you decide what music you would give to such hard lyrics?

My family was always made light of any situation; it made it easier to talk about real problems. This song can sound a bit preachy, so I figured I would make it sound fun musically. The old, sweet things attract more people than bitter things.

What's next for you?

This is the first original single that features me singing; I'm going to continue down that road. I plan to release more music and videos soon. The band has a lot of shows coming up, so it's going to be more performing and creating all the time. I'm super excited about it all.


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