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The Safety Word & Valoramous Announce Upcoming Single and Remix EP

Melbourne-based synthpop duo, The Safety Word, announces their recent collaboration with American military veteran, DJ, and electronic record producer, Valoramous, coming to digital streaming platforms on April 9.

Listeners are in for a thought-provoking treat when taking a listen to the forthcoming single, "Amnesia (Original Version)," alongside the seven-track EP, 'Amnesia (Remixes EP).'

The new EP is said to represent the amnesia and forgetfulness Western societies present when discussing geopolitical events, regional wars, global supply chain issues, inflation, and the pandemic.

Valoramous explains how the West "is not embracing the current state of our civilization and not applying these [previous/past] lessons going forward." The result of his and The Safety Word's urgency on the matter was the upcoming 7-track EP, 'Amnesia (Remixes EP).'

The project combines the core synth and drum elements of electronic, hip-hop, and synthpop while perfectly tying in the dreamy and reflective vocals of The Safety Word's lead singer, John Rousvanis.

On the new project, expect to hear an eclectic cluster of six remixes spanning different genres, featuring artists 3 Tribes (Tech/Melodic House), Valoramous (Big Room), Robodop Snei (Progressive House), Increment (Electronica), Eckul (House) and The Wav A.P.S. (Metal/Rock).

The upcoming single, "Amnesia (Original Version)," and the mind-expanding 7-track EP, 'Amnesia (Remixes EP),' are set to hit digital streaming platforms on April 9.


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