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The Silencio’s Light Burns Ever So Brightly With The Release Of Their New Song “Under Lock & Key”

Australian band, The Silencio, has been releasing a steady stream of high-energy singles from their forthcoming sophomore album, inspired by their ever-evolving unique brand of alt-rock.

The Silencio raise the stakes and augment the tempo with their upcoming single "Under Lock & Key." The song, set for release on November 5th, is an infectious, toe-tapping, upbeat mess of fun that borders being a punk rock track. "Under Lock & Key" was recorded at Core Studios on the Gold Coast, Australia, and engineered by producer Nik Carpenter.

The Silencio have constructed a cascade of instruments and gritty vocals that entices you to move your head and feel the vibration at your core. The beauty of this anthem is its deep-natured lyrics. Speaking of traumatic battles that have left many scars, they express how painful the truthful process of letting past traumas go is. The quick pace of "Under Lock & Key" will give any listener a fully charged battery and send them into a frenzy of pure unrestricted emotions. Although it's an exquisite piece to listen to through headphones, we encourage you to experience them live, as they bring their unbridled vitality to the stage and tear the building apart.

The Silencio is currently on tour, gaining momentum on their worldwide conquest. They aim to share their personal experience and energy with fans by performing at events such as the Black Dog Beware's Unite The Fight 2021. The live music event was created to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention. A noble cause, leaving us with excitement in anticipation of their future projects.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Silencio, and congrats on the release of your new hit song “Under Lock & Key!” Can you share with us the core meaning of the message behind the song?

Thank you so much! This is one of the more cryptic songs in our repertoire as far as the lyrics go. It was lifted from a poem Jan Nicholas Blom had written and centered around complacency getting in the way of achieving one's dreams. The thing that burns so bright almost haunts you while you try to convince yourself that you're unworthy of it.

How different is the feeling between recording such an intense song and performing it in front of a live audience?

It is a very different vibe tracking something more aggressive and energetic without the aid of an audience but we're very lucky to have worked with Nik Carpenter of Core Studios who helps to push us to achieve that sound. This particular track is definitely one of our favorites to play live and it seems to be a crowd favorite.

Can you tell us what it means to you to be able to perform at events that raise awareness, like Black Dog Beware’s Unite The Fight 2021?

Our band is very much about promoting positivity through our lyrics and the organizations we attach ourselves to. We were humbled to have been asked to headline this event and look forward to showing our support in person to the wonderful team who have put it together. We hope that through our music we can encourage people to be talkative as opposed to taciturn when they face situations they feel are out of their control because having a shoulder to lean on can sometimes make all of the difference.

Is there a North American tour in the works for the foreseeable future?

100%! We'd love nothing more than to be able to take this show overseas and once international travel looks more promising this will be at the top of our list of goals to achieve.

What's next for The Silencio?

We have a few more songs from this album to drip-feed as singles before the full album (Foreign Frequencies) will be made available but I can assure you that we are always in the studio working on more songs. We've almost got another album completed! We've also had some exciting opportunities come up as our border restrictions are starting to ease to play more shows within Australia. The future is bright.


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