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The Slashes Continue To Carve Their Path With Their Riveting New Release “Dead Majesty”

The three-piece outfit seems to get better and better with every release.

Hailing from the vibrant music scene of San Diego, The Slashes are an exciting three-piece band that exploded onto the scene with electrifying releases like "My Empty Case" and "Ripped Genes."

Star-crossed musicians occupying the nexus between post-punk and border-goth have begun to blaze a bright trail since emerging on the scene, captivating audiences with riveting stage performances. With a slew of performances on the horizon, The Slashes have been more locked in than ever before, and every performance seems destined to be an unforgettable one.

Having been no strangers to the stage, The Slashes have graced renowned venues across Southern California, leaving their mark on stages like The Observatory in Santa Ana, the iconic Rainbow Bar in LA, and the beloved Casbah in San Diego.

The Slashes are composed of vocalist and guitar maestro Esteban Rene, the magnificent Beto Bautista on bass, and the supremely talented Carlos Robles on drums. With such a talented and hard-working crew, greatness is only a matter of time for this enchanting San Diego band.

"Dead Majesty," one of The Slashes' latest releases, is a captivating performance that'll have you hanging on to every lyric Rene sings. Over a distinctly post-punk instrumental performance that evokes feelings of tension before a sweet release, The Slashes create a vast yet compelling soundscape that draws you in.

With every "Run Away" Esteban sings, a sense of urgency builds and builds up before the beat suddenly cuts, leading to the feeling that the listener has abruptly woken up from a dream (or nightmare). It's a riveting release that demands your attention from start to finish, but the payoff is more than worth it.

With their distinctive blend of punk and goth aesthetics and infectious energy, The Slashes are carving their path in the music world. Whenever you're ready, tap in and stream their new release, "Dead Majesty." Keep an eye out for their live performances, like their upcoming show at the renowned LA venue The Mint on July 28th, and stay cool this summer.

We loved “Dead Majesty;" what a gripping track! We had to ask, what was the inspiration behind this song? Could you take us through the creative process for this release?

Dead Majesty is just a swampy, two-minute banger about running away from a dead royal ( or suppressing/ ignoring your problems and starting a romance riot- (I borrowed that last lyric from No Knife, by the way).

How did The Slashes come to be? Do all of you go way back, or did your paths meet later?

Beto and I started as co-workers at HornBlower Cruises & Events, a charter and cruise outfit out of San Diego. We’d talk about starting a band for several years, then finally did it. Beto is from Tijuana and was raised on Banda, Rock en Español, and indie rock. Our newest member, Carlos, was introduced to us through a mutual and mystical friend. (Bidi from Matte Black).

What’s your favorite part about sharing your music with the world?

Our three unique and different outlooks on music are eclectic; the songs become an amalgamation of our imaginations.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it before? Also, what would you want it to be if your listeners could take one thing away from your music?

Our music is ethereal with a tempered pulse, heavenly with a sinister smirk. We’ve been compared to having similar stylistics to The Jesus And The Chain, The Cure, and a nod to Interpol. But what we’d like our listeners to take away from our music is to feel an emotion of longing and euphoria of going out to a club or an art gallery and seeing something that moves you.

What’s next for The Slashes? You guys have a live show at The Mint soon, right? Are any other live performances coming up?

Our next show is at The Mint LA on the 28th, then to San Diego at Soda Bar on August the 4th.

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