The Soul-Rock of Uh Oh and the Oh Wells

The fresh new release from Uh Oh and the Oh Wells is loaded with southern rock soul and vintage classic rock vibes through and through. The self-titled LP is an absolutely huge record and almost immediately gets you feeling all warm and fuzzy upon its first spin. Packed with more guitar hooks than you can handle, a genuine style and plenty of songs that don't let go. Among them is a track called "Late or Never". The track draws you in with a memorable hook and only gets better from there. The single "Where's The Door" comes off as an instant classic. Laden powerful vocals spilling out from within its walls, an energy that's hard to beat, and a show of experience in songwriting all around. These songs just have passion intertwined with fun and all packaged up with so much attitude that it quickly becomes something you want more of. Fret not. This album has enough to fill your rock needs. Come get some!

The Uh Oh and the Oh Wells album can be heard right here