The Soulful and Exciting Cupid Valentino and the Lovely Imperfections

If their name isn’t catchy enough, Cupid Valentino and the Lovely Imperfections is a hip-hop/neo-soul band from Seattle, Washington who produces a unique homegrown sound from these UFO’s giving you a flavor mash they like to call “Out of Space Ish”, a sonic buffet of to feed your appetite for those who love good music and an abstract art of musical compositions that rival the best pop and hip hop artists and producers in music. Sounds dope right? This band is all about musicality as one of their members grew up in a musically inclined household, almost to the point where both of his parents were living legends themselves. With amazing Mixtape and EP releases, Cupid Valentino And The Lovely Imperfections has positioned themselves to follow down the path of greatness their iconic family members have left behind.

A standout song this band released that had us in complete awe was the single “Bad Monday” which can be found on Apple Music! They give you this feel-good sensation you can’t receive from any other typical artist! Completely unorthodox and far from ordinary, Cupid Valentino And The Lovely Imperfections has done such an amazing job at gaining traction and elevating their artistry. It’s like their music gets better and better each release. Some artists get stuck in one sound and one spot, however, Cupid Valentino And The Lovely Imperfections knows how to steer clear from fluctuating at different rates, but remaining consistently at the top. This band is a trail-blazing collective that will continue to push the envelope towards success. We are just waiting on what’s next from this iconic band, and we’re sure 2020 holds great promises for them!

Listen to Cupid Valentino and the Lovely Imperfections here.


Welcome back to BuzzMusic Cupid Valentino And The Lovely Imperfections. Tell us, how has this year been for you overall? What has been the most monumental moment in your career thus far? 

Thanks for having us again! Yeah, this year has been huge! We definitely can say we experienced a lot. Gotten more exposure for the last few projects since that last time we spoke even ventured into doing movies Definitely can say life has been good this year looking forward to 2020 and what’s to come!  

Talk to us about your releases this year! What did you guys want to showcase differently in your music this year prior to the year before?

We set out to take more chances not to be comfortable with the success we’ve gotten and to have a song in every category we can be involved in I’m sure I’ll say this a lot but basically to expand our movement to be better than we were. We tried to focus on being more well rounded musically than doing the same thing over and over. We did a lot more R&B, Pop and Punk (Red Velvet Memories) (0-100-007) (Bad Monday (Heartbreaker) songs we did other than usual ”industry standard” hip hop but still kept pushing boundaries and showing we weren’t just playing it safe. 

Which song do you feel best represents the artistry your band upholds? 

“Bad Monday” only for the fact that we tried to stay as less complicated as possible not to have a lot of confusion  just a simple beat and piano and lyrics no autotune or crazy FX just good ole fashion lyricism

How would you detail most of your songwriting behind songs like “Bad Money” and “0-100-007”? Did you face any challenges during the creative process? 

Not really both songs were records that came easily. Bad Monday was fun just for the fact that it was a song that felt like being in a cipher and just battling verbally for fun with the team and just showing no slippage when it came to rapping. 0-100-007 was more of a motivational speech type beat.  During that process it was therapeutic. I can speak for the band by saying I believe in karma and that what you put out, you get back. The message is don’t let others discourage you and don’t get caught up in the unnecessary drama.  Leave that to the other side and keep doing you cuz.

What’s the main message you hope gets translated through your music?

Like I said before I’ve always felt that whatever energy you put out in the world you get back. Work hard and stay positive, never let negativity determine how you feel or what others might think. If you keep your head up and stay humble good things will come.

I’ve always said “if you ain’t got people hating on ya, you ain’t working hard enough” Also have fun life is too short! 

What’s next for the Cupid Valentino And The Lovely Imperfections?

We have the A.G.T.M.C.T.A.E. (All Good Things Must Come 2 An End) LP Coming Early 2020. We have some solo projects in the works with Bigfoot and Artillary plus doing a lot of shows and creating visuals in the Summer so be on the lookout for all the new content and just expand the movement and be better than we were before as musicians and humans. Big Thangs Coming next year can’t wait!