The Soulful Release From DregottheBlues Has Us Craving More

DregottheBlues is a New York City-based artist who puts on his own unique display of soulful essence.

Being raised as a church boy allows for DregottheBlues to Mastercraft lyrics that are rich with resiliency, love, and healing, all while fusing in different styles of pop, R&B, and hip-hop.

As evident with his most recent release, “Amnesia” featuring the artist. .Jxck is a perfectly smooth soundscape that we will find ourselves listening to time and time again.

“Amnesia,” tells us the story of what it’s like to feel lonely when on the road and missing what’s waiting at home. This touching message is something that we are surely many different individuals will be able to listen to.

We felt as if we were lost on a long bus ride, remembering our favorite people who are waiting for us to come back, “Amnesia” accomplishes that feeling incredibly well and will definitely transport you to a whole new world.