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The Sound Of Monday Calls Us Out In "Hey, Inconsiderate!"

Neighbors got you down? Power pop group The Sound Of Monday strikes back at the space stealers, movie talkers, and egotistical interrupters with their latest single and music video, "Hey, Inconsiderate!"

Frontman and vocalist Dave Jay Gerstein of the New York-based group leads a sound that blends the likes of the Attractions, an '80s David Bowie, and The Beach Boys. Known for using command over catchiness, The Sound Of Monday grabs your attention with memorable hooks, lyrics, and performances that stand the test of time.

Recently releasing their latest single, "Hey, Inconsiderate!," Gerstein hits the listeners with all-too-relatable lyrics that discuss the arrogant, selfish, and inconsiderate public. From blocking the stairwell to closing the elevator doors, The Sound Of Monday tracks those moments with hilarious visuals in the "Hey, Inconsiderate!" music video.

Evan Seplow's cheeky visual for the "Hey, Inconsiderate!" music video kicks off with heavy pop-punk guitar riffs and shots of children running wild, loud talkers in movie theaters, and busy subway riders. Transitioning in between scenes is Dave Jay Gerstein and The Sound Of Monday, giving it their all with a stellar live performance of their attention-commanding track that sits with you like an earworm.

Gerstein's lead role in the video sees him in the midst of all the chaos, even getting on the wrong side of a small dog. As the video continues with Gerstein trying to make his way back home regardless of the list of inconveniences, he stumbles into the door only to realize that the day isn't over yet.

When you're in need of something relatable with a little tongue-in-cheek humor, check out The Sound Of Monday's new music video for their single, "Hey, Inconsiderate!," now available on YouTube.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Sound Of Monday. We love the hilarious and highly relatable single and music video for "Hey, Inconsiderate!" What inspired you to create this bluntly honest song?

Thanks for having us. We really appreciate that and couldn’t have done it without the amazing collaborative talents and dedication of our Team at Mother West, TheImageFactory, Danny Weinkauf, and others. I wrote this song in the late 90s after riding the NYC subway in rush hour traffic. Fortunate to get a seat, I found myself canopied by a straphanger's NY Times directly atop my head. As I sat there in that "tight tent" just barely grazing my scalp, I screamed to him in my head, "Hey, Inconsiderate! Move your #$%@-in' newspaper!" feeble as I was at the time, anemically unable to stand up for myself. Instead, I wrote this song. Somewhat forgotten about amongst a flurry of many other songs written during this period, I pulled it out in 2003 when I'd had the opportunity to record an EP for Mother West, to be produced by Danny Weinkauf, a friend and bass player with They Might Be Giants. The tune had been written somewhat bluesy, but DW's fresh take was to make it more along the lines of an indie pop/rock anthem, and he was spot on! Now, years later, we are delighted to pull this track from the Vault and present it to you as our new single.

What was it like writing such a fun yet serious song?

The initial response was serious in intent (I was viscerally angry, annoyed, and wanted revenge), but humor has always been a defense and close ally. So, the Lennon influence kicked in, and my pen simply went to play on the page in acidic ink. I must confide that I don’t really like speaking that way publicly—poor form, but as is often the case (for better or worse), I couldn’t hold my figurative tongue.

What was your songwriting process like for "Hey, Inconsiderate!?”

Once a phrase, concept, or idea sticks in my brain, it just obsessively plays over and over, back & forth, like a brilliant, mesmerizing Chinese Ping Pong Tourney, until I was finally just enthused about picking up my guitar, pen, pad, or any scraps of paper nearby, in a flurry of inspiration, to find a musical home for it. As Mr. Burns from The Simpsons has said (paraphrasing), I needed to get it off my chest and onto the chest of my inferiors.

What was it like working with Director Evan Seplow for the "Hey, Inconsiderate!" music video?

Evan’s brilliant. We go way back to the early/mid-90s. We have worked on many projects together—notably, just prior to this video, his indie feature film, a zombie buddy comedy called, Trumpacolypse, which is still in production, in which I played a lead role he wrote exclusively for me. Evan & I know what each other can do, so it’s pretty comfortable in that respect, but conversely, we can push each other to make it something more, hopefully. We sat down with pads and pens and riffed on whatever scenarios of inconsideration we could think of, starting with the actual inspiration for the song (the aforementioned newspaper on the subway), which I was glad we included. He was reassuring, having made many music videos over the years, that there is a certain freedom of unreality in the music video world. While that liberty made it easier in a manner of speaking, it all just came together so neatly, including Evan’s topper of (Spoiler Alert!), my character turning out to be the inconsiderate one in the end.

What was your experience shooting it?

Evan helped pull together many of the logistics, cast, and crew. In many cases, we worked with actors I and/or Evan knew, including an appearance by my wife (who is not an actor but did great!) and cast members from Trumpacolypse. It was shot in February/March, so it was pretty freezing out, which only highlighted our resolve. Like any such work, it could vary between tedious and fun. Still, it was ultimately a real kick—especially working with such talented character actors and musicians—that was perhaps the most fun part for me!

Do you hope that maybe some "inconsiderate" listeners might learn something and take away from "Hey, Inconsiderate!?”

I love to imagine so, but realistically, I know one has to be self-aware or be willing to be. My first wish would be for people to just have fun at the expense of the inconsiderateness out there (which, sadly, I myself can be guilty of). So, laughing at ourselves too—us silly humans, and not take ourselves so seriously all the time.

What was your goal with this song?

My goal, subconsciously at least, is always to write something great—catchy and clever, with all the musical shapes and lyrical expressions falling neatly into place. That’s the fantasy. On a more base level, I just needed to get these feelings out, and I find pop/rock song parameters have generally been a right-sized fit for my attention span and skillset.

What's next for you?

I need to use the restroom—may I please be excused? Sorry…Beyond that?? We aim to continue growing our fan base, both on social and in person. We have a second video single coming out this autumn, called “The Keeper of The Mood”, which is also featured on our forthcoming EP, Quick Ear Warmer. To kick it all off, we’re playing our EP release party on Tuesday, October 11th at 7 PM sharp at Rockwood Music Hall, Stage 1, in New York City. Hope to see you there!


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