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"The Spider," Is Fueled With A Psychedelic Rock Ambience

Conceived in the narrow aisles of used record stores, and born from a restless musical mind, Somori Pointer is possessed by a psychedelic soul along with his own personal Rock n’ Roll devil riding upon his shoulder, luring the wolf within to howl with fury when the time to create calls.

Somori Pointer got his first taste of what was to become a musically rich life while attending a sold-out concert in the Bay Area. His mission is to bring back the dirt and danger into Rock n’ Roll as he unveils the raw, unpredictable essence that birthed soul into music, the fundamental elements that today’s music industry seems to have forgotten about.

With the first single off of “Good Morning, Sweet Bedlam,” Somori Pointer encompasses hard-hitting energy that is, “Spider.” Allowing elements of Funk to seep into his Rock fueled creations, we are transported through various eras and genres as he bends the rules to create his own intoxicating concoction.

Memorable timbres of the raw and entrancing vocals that Somori Pointer exudes, shake us to our core as we fixate our attention around the state of mind that he effortlessly reproduces in his melodies. We are exposed to an emcee like delivery throughout the masterpiece which offers up a unique flavour that remains unmatched in the realm of, “The Spider.”

As we shift our attention to the mesmerizing music video that accompanies this arrangement, we perceive a series of black and white shots that emanate an appeal of alluring mystery.

Focusing on shots that gracefully fade into one another, a storyline unravels as we begin to be exposed to colourful scenes fusing with the black and white as we receive a psychedelic and triumphant showcase of what goes on in the mind of Somori Pointer.

With the mesmerizing genius that shines brightly through him, we know one thing that is for sure, whatever Somori Pointer’s wants us to feel is greatly achieved through his art.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Somori Pointer! We thoroughly enjoyed the concept behind the song and music video for, “The Spider.” What inspired the message behind the lyrics of this track?

The lyrics are telling the story of my seventh demon, my necessary evil, who protects me from my own heart. His name is Mr. Midnight. {I believe we all have them, cause I can’t imagine any other way we as humans survive the daily “brain barrage” and “verbal vomit” gagging us 24 hours a day.}

For the music video, did your vision come to life the way that you expected? Could you please share a glimpse of what it was like on the set?

Yes, it did, I was confident my director (John Levy) and after our preproduction meetings I knew we were heading towards the same destination. On the day of the shoot, because we shot in one day, there was a minor hiccup but that hiccup was necessary. The morning we were set to start filming. The female lead canceled last minute so I had to go into hustle mode, and hit up my brother B to see if I could have his wife, Sandra Finnie, could be a stand-in. She turned out to be the perfect fit. And the vibe on set went from a work environment to more of a family bbq feel.

What happens to be your favorite part of the creative process?

I love watching all of the ideas evolve from a concept in my head to something that I can share with the world. But I also I am just the channel.

What themes and messages that you transmit would you like your audience to pick up on?

The idea behind the video is that the “Spider” can be anyone. The “Spider” chooses the person to take their place and there can only be one at a time. They know that their life is short and only certain, worthy, people can take their place. The “Spider” is the spirit of creativity. “Baby the good die young, and this shit isn’t healthy” is telling the listeners that they have accepted their fate and knows the life they are living isn’t healthy but necessary to keep the balance.

What can we expect to see from you in 2021?




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