The Star Prairie Project Releases A Dynamic Fourth Studio Album, 'Shine a Little Light.'

From Portugal and the United States, various musicians of all genres band together to form The Star Prairie Project, who recently released their fourth studio album, 'Shine a Little Light.'

Led by singer-songwriter Nolen R. Chew Jr., one could compare the Star Prairie Project to the Beatles' consistent amount of radio-friendly hits. The Star Prairie Project found its name after the Star Prairie village in Wisconsin and the Alan Parsons Project from way back when. The Star Prairie Project explores various genres that anyone can enjoy, which the band demonstrates on their fourth studio album, 'Shine a Little Light.'

Beginning our venture into the new album, we're greeted with the introductory and title track, "Shine a Little Light," featuring Sandrine Orsini. As the song opens with a bright lead guitar and a smooth jazz/rock instrumental, Orsini makes her powerful and magnetic vocal appearance to perfectly set the album's tone. While singing a tale of loneliness and inner pain, The Star Prairie Project picks up the soul and leads us to the gospel-like chorus where Orsini's heavenly vocals wrap around our ears like a gift from above, encouraging us to keep a light of faith.

Moving onto track number two, "California," this song features no other artist, allowing us to get to know The Star Prairie Project's creative stylings this time around. As Chew drifts into the song with a smooth acoustic guitar and light percussion breaks, he begins to welcome himself into the land of California, feeling the breeze and describing his lush surroundings. We adore the easy vibe of this song; Chew paints all sorts of picturesque mental images that remind us why we love California while The Star Prairie Project backs him up like a sonic daydream.

Jumping into the third track, "Why Do I Love You," featuring Ivy Marie, this song is where we hear The Star Prairie Project venture outside of usual rock-based tunes. While Ivy Marie makes her youthful and passionate vocal appearance, The Star Prairie Project lays the foundation with electronic drum breaks, a smooth keyboard melody, and vibrating sub-bass. As Marie continues to chant her love for someone and question why it exists, The Star Prairie Project drenches our speakers in electronic radiance on the shimmering hook to keep our attention locked.