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The Strength In The Cofields' Family Is Divinely Showcased In, "Royalty"

Combining a myriad of genres such as hip-hop, gospel, R&B, and contemporary pop, The Cofields are back at it again as they combine harmonies and put forth the ultimate bop to sweep the nation.

Calvin Cofield and Kimberly Rice-Cofield can be credited for the song's production alongside Todd "Throne Muzik" Johnson, as they hold a united front and emanate purpose with great intention.

As we take in the latest visuals for The Cofields' new single, "Royalty," we're awestruck by how authentic the messaging and beliefs are conveyed. Moreover, the song itself extends the Cofield mission exquisitely as the duo's understanding of how to architect a song is met with theatrical development alongside testimonials to the glory of God.

Through slick bars, enticing cadences, and an undeniable confidence beaming from the screen, passion, and inspiration are abundant to feast on as "Royalty" progresses. Both Calvin and Kimberly share the spotlight at times and get their time to shine as individuals. Making family a priority, we see the love that flows from their souls as they acknowledge their mission to fulfill a prophecy no matter what challenges arise.

We're also treated to angelic vocals and a contagious hook sung by award-winning producer, singer, and songwriter Luke G, which calls all nations to put aside wrongdoing and embrace righteousness.

The triumphant scenes fade into one another as robust energy is driven forward, and the power of their religious beliefs is strongly instilled in each frame. From the engraved pendant around Calvin Cofield's neck, which reads Jesus Over Everything, to the strength both Calvin and Kimberly draw from one another as they show the third star of the video, their daughter Royalty, every detail down to the irresistible vocals makes sense in "Royalty."

Together in faith, the Cofields family is ready to take on any challenge, reflect the Lord's majesty, and shine like jewels embedded into a crown.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Cofields! "Royalty" has been such a treat to take in. There's so much power radiating from the energy of the video and song. What moment inspired you to make a song based on your daughter Royalty?

Calvin: It all started from hearing the chorus's words while driving on the highway! I heard the words “you know you’re royalty” in 2019 before my daughter was born. But God didn’t allow us to finish the song then. God allowed us to finish the song in 2021 after we found out our baby girl Royalty, would be born.

Kimberly: I actually wrote my verse at home while on maternity leave, holding my baby girl in my arms. It was during a moment of reflection on how good God is and how He always keeps His promises. The song serves as a testimonial of my journey to motherhood. A few years ago, I was diagnosed with PCOS and went through a season where it was deemed difficult to have children. However, I received prophetic Words that I would be a mother soon! After several trials and tribulations, moving to a new neighborhood, Calvin getting into a car accident that wrecked his car, and shortly afterward, my car breaking down to no avail, it was time for new beginnings. It was prophesied by the late Lady Lisa Martin first would come to the house, then the new car, then the baby. In March 2021, after much prayer and shedding many tears, we discovered we were expecting our little bundle of joy, Royalty! The promise seemed like it was delayed, but it was not denied! He brought forth Royalty for a time such as this! Hallelujah!

We would love a more in-depth look into the message you're instilling in "Royalty." What would you like your audience to take away?

Calvin: We would like our audience to know that they can also become a part of the royal family! The royal family is God’s family! We all can do that if we all believe in Jesus Christ! And when He becomes our Lord and our Savior, we too can be adopted into the family of God!

Kimberly: My message to all listeners as they hear the testimony in this song is to hold on to the promises of God and never give up! God is faithful, and He’s never failed me yet! Keep pressing on for what God has spoken over you and your life! It doesn’t matter what the circumstances look like; they work for your good! Walk by faith and not by sight.

Do you find your values placing family and faith above everything? What practices do you keep in place to keep everything balanced?

Calvin: Yes, our values of family and faith come before everything because it was the foundation that started this! All we had when we first started was a Word from God, and to this day, we still operate by the Word of God! Everything He tells us to do, we do it!

What was it like working with the amazing people we see in the music video for "Royalty?”

Kimberly: Working with the beautiful people in the video was like working with family. One of our concepts was to show the faces of various people from different walks of life who embody Royalty. Pictured are people near and dear to us: My mother-in-love Dr. Cherie Cofield, who just recently earned her Ph.D. and owns her businesses; My best friend of over 20 years, Eva, who is a blessed, young business professional and is continually advancing in her banking and finance career. My Sister Kenosha is a gospel artist who loves to praise the Lord. Her beautiful daughter (our goddaughter), A’Niah is an actress, artist, and praise dancer; My cousin Damita is a prayer warrior and stays before the throne, shouting with a voice of triumph! We were also blessed to have more actors join us who were associated with our director Ray Knowledge, aka the Film Goat, and his crew. We’ve been honored to work with Ray on several music videos over the years. His crew stepped right in and executed, and the need was met. They served in multiple capacities, from assisting with lighting, set design, and behind-the-scenes pictures to being on camera. The singer on the chorus, Luke G, was phenomenal to work with when it came to recording his vocals, mixing, and mastering the song. He gave the song a special sound that listeners can’t help but sing along to! And last but not least, Baby Royalty made her debut in this music video at the tender age of 6 months old. She was incredible.

Do you have any memorable moments from the set that you care to share?

Kimberly: What was most memorable about the experience was how our family and friends gathered together and took a road trip from Detroit to Atlanta to film the video. The moment we arrived, it was time to shoot! The director arrived in advance and set everything up, and once we settled in, Kenosha did makeup for most of the women on set. Damita had also just come into town from Florida the evening before! We originally expected more people to participate in the video, but we soon realized God had sent us exactly who needed to be there. And it worked out perfectly. We successfully shot the video using the people and resources God had given us.

What's next for you?

Kimberly: We are working on completing our album entitled Royalty which will be released this year. We have some amazing features on the album, such as Emcee N.I.C.E., Canton and Ramona Jones, and Dillon Chase. In a few months, we plan to minister alongside our brother Da Bizzy in South Africa, whom we collaborated with on a single called Ike, which means Power! And in the summer, we will join the Gospel Hip Hop Cruise, with an opportunity to minister through music in the Bahamas. We have recently launched our Royalty Clothing line, and we are working on our TV and radio shows coming soon! Our motto: To the Nations! We will be everywhere. For Booking or more information, visit our website or follow us on Social media.


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