The Sultry & Mysterious Ajia Clark Releases Enigmatic Single "What Am I to Do"

Ajia Clark is the next big voice and singer/songwriter from Colorado. Ajia gave us pure comfort and tranquility when listening to her music. Her voice is filled with honesty and passion, and this is something the BuzzMusic community definitely can't miss out on. Ajia fully gives her listeners an experience through her music--the type of experience that makes you feel elegant. Ajia provides a certain type of chic and exquisiteness to her production, allowing for a game-changing execution in songs contributing to the predominantly soulful blues community. We're absolutely raving over Ajia's music, and we need to get right into her most recent releases, because we've already been playing it on repeat this morning, and we don't want to hold her music back from the BuzzMusic community any longer!

Wow. Ajia's voice is the perfect tone of sultry that we were definitely missing from our day today. You know those artists that can adopt the alluring and intimate appeal effortlessly? That's Ajia Clark, especially so in her latest release "What Am I to Do". Listening to "What Am I to Do", we want to curl up in a cozy blanket, or even a warm bath, with candles lit, a nice book in hand, and ultimately feeling relaxed and warm. It's incredible what artists can make their listeners feel just with the sound of their voice alone. We're so entranced by Ajia's voice that we had to re-listen to "What Am I to Do" a second time around to listen to the actual lyrics (her voice was so naturally flowing and filled with grace that we were fully entranced in and in the moment of the song). Ajia contributes to the jazzy/soul music scene incredibly well with "What Am I to Do", and we're buzzing to hear her upcoming album "Finally Ajia"!

Discover Ajia Clark's most recent release "What Am I to Do" here

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