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The Summit Hits The Road In “Hit Me Up”

The Summit is back with “Hit Me Up,” their new single with the best of vintage rock and roll.

The Summit is a rock and roll band from Cincinnati, Ohio. They carry a huge musical heritage on their shoulder, and oh man, they rock it. They are Chris Scott on the vocals, Mike Hennel on the drums and vocals, Coty Hicks on the guitar, Michael Walker on the bass, and Brian Arkkelin on the guitar and vocals.

The production and mixing of “Hit Me Up” is a great work of Will Turpin and Jonathan Beckner at Real 2 Reel. With the band, they managed to create a song that immerses you in a story, maybe a memory from good old times on the road or with your family. At the same time, it is a charge of euphoria and life with classic rock and roll style.

When hitting the play button on “Hit Me Up,” the bass and drums announce it will be a great trip. The guitars put you in the mood with paused and energizing chords. Then the vocals are so emotional and exciting that you cannot help but raise your voice and sing along. The instrumentals are incredible, but the solo is just stunning. This is what you seek.

“Hit Me Up” reminds us of the classic we listened to growing up. The lyrics place you on the road. The distorted guitar riff sounds like an engine, and the vocals are potent and smooth, like the wind caressing your skin. “Hit Me Up” is euphoric and powerful. It sounds like freedom. It reflects the essence of rock and roll.

Grab your aviators, smile in the mirror, and turn up the volume when hitting the play button on “Hit Me Up.”

Welcome to BuzzMusic The Summit, and congratulations on your latest release, "Hit Me Up." What experience took you to make such an exciting song as “Hit Me Up?”

Chris Scott: our guitar player, Coty Hicks, was toying around with a riff at rehearsal, and we just talked about writing a simple 70’s inspired rock tune. I think the entire song was written in like 30 minutes. We instantly fell into it, and it became the theme for the record, Firebirds and Aviators, which we hope to launch in early 2023. What was the most rewarding moment of making “Hit Me Up?”

Chris Scott: for me, I think it was piecing the story together with friend and producer Will Turpin of Collective Soul. We had most of the lyrics done when we got to the studio, but Will and I were sitting in the control room one night throwing ideas at each other, and he started to drop some pretty dope southern-accented lines (he is a Georgia native). The little things like “am I out on the road burnin’ too much gas..?” and “am I desert bound or California clean..”? Just the way he sang those lines, I knew we were heading in the right direction. Those organic moments are always the coolest.

How did making “Hit Me Up” impact The Summit?

Chris Scott: The Summit has had a lot of success over the past 4-5 years. We released a few EPs but spent so much time on the road that we couldn’t get everything tracked and released. I think answering the “Hit Me Up” question is the rebirth of The Summit. Mike, Walker, and I brought Coty Hicks into the band as our primary guitar player, and he’s been so uplifting in so many ways. He’s the baby of the group, but his writing and playing are beyond his years. We can’t be happier with what he’s brought to the table so far. We also recently hired Brian Arkkelin to complement Coty on guitar duties. Brian played with Mike and me in the short-lived but successful band, The Quilts. Killer lead player with an amazing stage presence. All in all, we are very excited about the future!

What feelings describe “Hit Me Up” for The Summit?

Chris Scott: Will Turpin and Mike (Hennel) discuss this in the studio? They both described the tune as having “aviators on, muscle car-driving, windows rolled down, radio cranked kind of feel to it. Hence, the full-length release title is “Firebirds and Aviators.”

What's next for you?

Chris Scott: The plan is to release six consecutive singles and then release the album. As I mentioned, Will Turpin of Collective Soul is producing the songs at his amazing place in Atalanta, GA. He‘s the owner and operator of Reel 2 Real Studios, which is where Collective Soul got their start. That whole relationship started with us supporting them on the road. We all formed a pretty incredible friendship and Will, particularly, took a lot of interest in what Mike and I were doing with The Summit. The rest was history, I guess. We also just got off the road with ZZ Top..again:) This was like our 30th show or something with those guys. Another group we have been blessed to play with over the last few years. They are the best crew in the biz! Besides being legends, they have always been so kind and generous to us. It was pretty somber not seeing Dusty (Hill) this time. Elwood Francis (their longtime guitar tech) took over bass duties. He’s been with them for so long that you could still feel Dusty’s presence.


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