The Sunset Radio Bring the Fire with Energetic Indie Rock Song “Valentine’s Day”

Yorkshire’s indie rock band The Sunset Radio has just released a fast-paced hit “Valentine’s Day.” The band consists of four musicians including guitarist Ricki Hutton, bassist Aaron Lees, vocalist, and guitarist Adam Maw and, the newest addition, drummer Rob Scarr. Ricki Hutton ended up naming the group when he posed his legendary suggestion, “the name should be ‘the something radio.’” The Sunset Radio creates music under an indie rock genre with hints of punk and eclecticism, which creates an original sound that is something new for their audience. Over the past few years, The Sunset Radio released three singles called “Amphetamines and Soul,” “Flowers” and “Old Goodbyes.” They have been running with the momentum from these tracks and performing at festivals and gigs all across the UK.

Their recent release “Valentine’s Day” has a similar rock vibe to their previous singles. The band relies heavily on their instrumental talents with guitar and drums. The background instrumentals are energetic as the band members strum and drum to the same quick beat. Adam Maw has a powerful and raspy voice; he sings with enthusiasm and real feeling. Unlike some rock/punk songs, the melody of the chorus is catchy and easy to sing along to. The Sunset Radio brings the indie-rock genre something new, and if this is your style of music they are a band to look out for.

Listen to "Valentine's Day" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic The Sunset Radio! We are intrigued by your sound and fusion of genres. Can you tell us what inspired the production of your latest release “Valentine’s Day?” 

As a band we got talking about different drums beats, tempos of songs and our experiences of watching live music. We started to all name a few different songs that we have seen performed live that really got crowds jumping and singing along, we quickly realized that a lot of them all shared this similar drum beat which you can easily jump up and down to. This inspired a change away from our usual process of fitting the drums to an already written acoustic song, and the beat really became the driver. We also wanted something where people would be able to sing along with us while they were jumping up and down to the drumbeat, and hopefully, we have achieved that with the hook.

Although your music falls into such a unique category, are there any artists who have inspired your music to become what it is today? How have they inspired it?

Although we do share a lot of common interests musically in the band, we also have some very different influences that inspire us. Singer and guitarist Adam is a big fan of The Clash, drummer Rob recently went over to Third Man Records to do the tour as he takes a lot of inspiration from Jack White. Bassist Az has always had a passion for Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bob Mould and Pixies, and finally, as a lead guitarist, I have always had a love for the heavier side of rock and metal such as Avenged Sevenfold and Enter Shikari. As a collective though there is no denying that we are all majorly inspired by the likes of The Beatles, The Gaslight Anthem and Weezer to name just a few, but the thing that they really have in common is the ability to write catchy rock songs, and that's something we strive towards.

We heard that you are starting to put on your own music events. Can you tell us about some upcoming events we can expect from you?

We have always usually played shows that are organized through promoters, but we put on a very successful event in our home town towards the end of summer last year. It gave us the confidence and inspiration to decide to organize one in our closest city this year. So now we have everything in place to headline Victoria Vaults in York on the 28th Feb. With us being the organizers we have also decided that rather than selling tickets we are going to make it a free entry gig and from the response, we have received so far it is looking like it is going to be packed out.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic! Can you tell us about what we can expect to see from you in the future, musically?

Definitely some new music! We are currently working on a couple of new tracks that we want to start performing live. One of these new ones will then go on to be the next single, so hopefully, we should have something out for late spring/early summer.