The Surgery Showcases Their Robust Energy In "Twin Peaks"

Musical trio Johnny, Ali and Reptile are killing the deep house game with their musical offerings. As a trio, The Surgery provides a contemporary take on the beloved House genre we're accustomed to. The Surgery embodies a sound that gets your blood flowing, and your heart beating for sure. We physically can't listen to this track without bumping our head along. Their music is beyond catchy in all the right ways, and hits all of our sweet spots for what makes the perfect house track!

The Surgery is all about incorporating mystery into their alluring sound. "Twin Peaks"has various integrated synths and tunes that definitely keep us intrigued, and wanting to listen more! The programming of "Twin Peaks" is executed well, with the musical stylings of Johnny being showcased in a whole new way. If you're a huge fan of deep house music, then "Twin Peaks" will really resonate with you as a listener. Together, Ali, Johnny and Reptile are able to blend together their predominant sounds, and create a record that is entrancing and captivating in all ways. "Twin Peaks" is robust and energetic, and the abrupt integration of Reptile's vocalism perfectly captures the essence of the track. If your playlist is in need of an easy-flowing house track with some serious bass, then "Twin Peaks" is the song you should be adding now. Already added to our playlists, "Twin Peaks" is the song we need to feel energized again! 

Listen to "Twin Peaks" here!