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The Tea Party Returns With a New Summer Anthem

Canada's multi-platinum rock trio The Tea Party presents a blazing anthem of celebration with their recent hard-hitting single, "Summertime."

Having sold over 2M records worldwide while touring around the globe for the past decade, the likes of Jeff Martin, Jeff Burrows, and Stuart Chatwood are continually seeking ways to take listeners on dynamic and adventurous journeys. With various nominations, awards, and certifications under their belt, The Tea Party has now set sail into heat with their latest gripping anthem, "Summertime."

When speaking upon their latest hit, lead vocalist/guitarist Jeff Martin stated, "You've all done the hard yards and have done the right thing with regards to keeping yourself and others safe. With absolute respect and humility, The Tea Party offers up this song with the hope that it might become an anthem for an appropriate celebration."

Taking a deep dive into their latest single, "Summertime," the track opens with Jeff Martin's scorching electric guitar riffs, Jeff Burrows' thumping drum breaks, and Stuart Chatwood's stimulating bassline. Once Jeff Martin's iconic, charming, and low-toned vocals pour through our speakers with nothing but heat and desire, a bright acoustic guitar accompanies him alongside the beaming instrumentals that soak us in lust and energy.

Listening to Jeff Martin's lyricism, he takes us through the blistering sun rays with picturesque scenes of a distant memory and longing for it to become a reality. While describing a woman with sunshine in her hair and moonlight on her skin, The Tea Party later drops into the sweltering hook and reminds us to bask in the heat and appreciate all that the season has to offer, especially during these unpredictable times.

"Summertime" is right around the corner, and there's no better way to kick off the season than grooving to the beat of The Tea Party's latest anthem, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, The Tea Party. We're excited to chat with you about your recent blazing anthem, "Summertime." What inspired your group to create an ode to summertime and all its glory?

After writing a career’s worth of dark poetry we felt it was time to change things up somewhat as the music was a high-energy guitar riff and we thought that an ode to the joys of summer contrasted well against the music and fit the bill nicely. It’s our very own Dancing Days (Led Zeppelin).

We adore the descriptive and picturesque lyricism within your single, "Summertime." When writing your lyricism, what did you want your audience to feel and picture throughout their listening experience?

We've spent 30 years together touring around the world so needless to say there have been many summertime experiences. As an indie band, we'd put ourselves to sleep listening to Neil Young's Harvest Moon. That song is magic in the way that it can conjure up a summer's evening at the cabin by the Lake.

What was your band's creative/recording process like when formulating and executing your instrumentals for "Summertime?" How did you go about capturing the heat and essence of the forthcoming season?

Fortunately for us, we were able to record this and four other songs for our upcoming EP in Vancouver before Covid took hold. It's rare that we get to create music together in the same room so we took advantage of it. We went our separate ways afterward and completed some of the overdubs remotely.

Being that "Summertime" is your band's first release in over a year, what's kept you busy during these times? Have you been tweaking or reworking your sound for future releases and projects?

We did release 2 cover songs early on in this pandemic. Every day is like Sunday by Morrissey and joy divisions isolation. Both songs are on YouTube for those interested. Mixing and finishing Summertime and our new EP took up most of the year for The Tea Party but for myself, I have been extremely busy as a video game composer. My latest game that I've been working on is entitled Darkest Dungeon 2 and is scheduled to come out this fall.

With over 20 years in our ever-changing industry, how does your band manage to stay current and keep your audience engaged and wanting more?

We really enjoy making music first and foremost. As long as we can keep putting out music I think the audience will be engaged. What really looking forward to however is coming to the upcoming tour across Canada entitled Saints and Sinners scheduled for this November. We have rescheduled this tour twice now so we can't wait to get back in front of people and feel the energy that only a live audience can bring. After that tour finishes will probably look at doing some select US dates followed by a proper tour of Australia. The record is being released in Europe again so it's another dream of ours to head over there for the first time since 2001.



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